Payroll Schedule

There are two payroll schedules. Salaried staff are paid monthly. Hourly staff are paid semi-monthly.

Payroll Schedule


Direct Deposit

You may designate up to three accounts for direct deposit. You may add or edit information for multiple direct deposit accounts in a single self-service transaction, but once you submit the changes and exit the direct deposit page, no other changes will be allowed that day.

Self-Service Direct Deposit Job Aid


Tax Information

W-4 Withholdings

If you need to change your W-4 withholdings, log into PeopleSoft. From the home page, click on W-4 Tax Information under Payroll & Compensation. Changes must be made prior to the HR processing deadline (see payroll schedules linked below) to go into effect for the current month. Consult a financial adviser if you need assistance determining the number of allowances to claim or any additional dollar amounts to withhold.

View your W-2

To view your W-2, log into PeopleSoft. From the home page, click on View W-2/W-2c Forms under Payroll & Compensation. You’ll need to complete the online W-2 Consent if you have not already done so. Please refer to the View Your Online W-2 job aid for assistance.