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Who ya gonna call? Geooooor-gina! When you’ve got benefits questions, don’t be scared, pick up the phone or send an email because Gina comes through, without fail. She promotes well-being and a healthy work environment to keep you smiling through retirement.
A former chief of staff for Texas Sen. Zaffirini, Sean is legislative savvy. He started out in Aggieland but with a law degree from UT, he wears the burnt orange proudly, serving our System and the people of Texas regardless of affiliation all in the name of higher education.
As a System employee, clearly HR super-specialist Manon Goullet is a familiar name. Her knowledge and skill keep you above the fray and simplify your work life so you can stay focused on what matters most throughout your day.
If there’s an event going down, whether at the building, Bauer House or beyond, better believe Sarah’s skills make every System soirée smooth sailing. She’s lived all over, including Hawaii, but Austin’s home so seek her out for a new lunch spot or a mean cup of coffee.
When Caleb makes an office call to fix your technology, his calm cherubic glow is there for all to see. And what’s not to glow about these days? The SFA grad just landed a promotion and click on through for bigger news that’s cause for an ovation. Spoiler alert: see photo!
Only ask Alexandra about her ample daily assignments if you’ve got a minute or three to spare. Enough to make most people’s heads spin, she practically whistles while she works, ensuring that the most unique education center in Texas runs as smoothly as she does.
The colossal admiration across Texas for Dr. Lakey comes from the mountain of health-improving projects he administers, coordinates or develops. He claims to find free time and fills it with family outings and outdoor adventures, the least of which being weekend yard work.
Tamra leads a team of 10 of the sharpest legal minds in the UT System Administration. But when recess calls, disconnected solitude is in order, whether that’s weekend golfing on a quiet course or escaping with a backpack to idyllic Colorado. Case closed.
In celebration of Indigenous People's Day on Monday, Oct. 9, we present a Q&A with Nichole Prescott, assistant vice chancellor for academic affairs. A proud member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, she provides her unique perspective on her family's ancestry, the history of her tribe and her dedication to speaking and writing about its vibrant culture.
Eric is an Ironman in more ways than one. Sure, he tears up a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a full-on marathon to get to the finish line, but at work he’s never finished improving academic programs, research collaboration, student success and so much more through ironclad innovation.
A Texas-ex, Lee Roy puts his Baylor law degree to good use with us, specializing in employment law, Title IX and much more. At home, this foodie cooks to de-stress and would chill to his favorite tunes if only his 3-year-old son hadn’t co-opted his Spotify with Blippi.
Enrique’s passion for his job and the fulfillment it brings him is great news for aspiring doctors, dentists and veterinarians, who feel much less stress thanks to him while navigating the application process for medical, dental, podiatry and vet schools in Texas.
The FY 2024 Holiday Schedule has been posted by the Office of Talent & Innovation. The number of annual holidays a state agency is permitted to observe is determined by the national and state holidays referenced in Sec. 662.003 of the Texas Government Code, including where those holidays fall during the calendar week.
Crystal is the friendly face of Facilities Management, ensuring our UT System work environment stays in tip-top shape, safe and clean. But off the clock can mean a less tidy approach, preferring a little sweat under the sun and dirty hands in the garden.
Trevor joined the UT System in September 2022 ready to review the 88th Legislature’s slew of new bills. To be sure, 8,000 is a lot to digest, but with the session ending soon, expect Trevor to let loose by wielding his ax or grooving to Austin’s own Spoon.
Angela is trusted to keep the UT System’s records organized and secure; but if you notice that her home filing cabinet is piled high with loose papers and scraps, that's probably because she's too busy whizzing around on her roller skates.
A Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and erstwhile scholar of novelists like Proust, Mann and Mallarmé reveal a love for Modernism, and Rebecca’s as eclectic as the Austin vibe, crafting jewelry with crystals and beads and getting her steps in to the rhythms of Rihanna.
Derek deals in big dollars during his day-to-day duties to develop sustainable financial plans and manage the system-wide operating budget. So, when it’s time to de-stress, it’s no coincidence Derek uses his down time to disconnect atop his Harley Davidson.
Heather Wilson, Ph.D., is the 11th president of UT El Paso. She has spent a lifetime breaking barriers, whether serving in the Air Force, as the first female military veteran elected to a full term in Congress or as a university president. Learn more about President Wilson in her UT System Women's History Month video.
Taylor ensures procurements are compliant with state and System policies, but the stress that entails pales to riding with her beloved Razorbacks, whose heartbreaks can require a decompressing Peloton run or belting out a raspy Zach Bryan ballad.