Crystal is the friendly face of Facilities Management, ensuring our UT System work environment stays in tip-top shape, safe and clean. But off the clock can mean a less tidy approach, preferring a little sweat under the sun and dirty hands in the garden.
Trevor joined the UT System in September 2022 ready to review the 88th Legislature’s slew of new bills. To be sure, 8,000 is a lot to digest, but with the session ending soon, expect Trevor to let loose by wielding his ax or grooving to Austin’s own Spoon.
Angela is trusted to keep the UT System’s records organized and secure; but if you notice that her home filing cabinet is piled high with loose papers and scraps, that's probably because she's too busy whizzing around on her roller skates.
A Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and erstwhile scholar of novelists like Proust, Mann and Mallarmé reveal a love for Modernism, and Rebecca’s as eclectic as the Austin vibe, crafting jewelry with crystals and beads and getting her steps in to the rhythms of Rihanna.
Derek deals in big dollars during his day-to-day duties to develop sustainable financial plans and manage the system-wide operating budget. So, when it’s time to de-stress, it’s no coincidence Derek uses his down time to disconnect atop his Harley Davidson.
Heather Wilson, Ph.D., is the 11th president of UT El Paso. She has spent a lifetime breaking barriers, whether serving in the Air Force, as the first female military veteran elected to a full term in Congress or as a university president. Learn more about President Wilson in her UT System Women's History Month video.
Taylor ensures procurements are compliant with state and System policies, but the stress that entails pales to riding with her beloved Razorbacks, whose heartbreaks can require a decompressing Peloton run or belting out a raspy Zach Bryan ballad.
Helen Hobbs, M.D., is one of the world's foremost experts on human genetics. She is a professor of internal medicine and molecular genetics at UT Southwestern and runs a laboratory that investigates the role of cholesterol and fat in heart and liver disease. Her research has led to groundbreaking discoveries and new therapies that have changed patient care around the world. Learn more about Dr. Hobbs in her UT System Women's History Month video.
Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, PhD, earned her master’s degree in Special Education from UT Permian Basin. An educator, author, public speaker, community leader and advocate, Morénike takes on causes such as HIV awareness and fights for those with disabilities, including autism, and has spoken on these issues at the White House and United Nations. Learn more about Morénike in her UT System Women’s History Month video.
A do-it-all marketing and communications pro in the University Lands’ H-Town office, Tonie is a news junkie who was ready to dive down any rabbit hole, that is, until one revealed she might want to rethink her reverence for dark chocolate.
A professor of History and Public Affairs, Dr. Joseph is also the Barbara Jordan Chair in Ethics and Political Values among other notable titles he holds at UT Austin. His book, “The Sword and the Shield: The Revolutionary Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.,” published in 2020, recently received the UT Austin Hamilton Book Grand Prize, the university’s top award for books published by faculty.
He’s onboarded two chancellors, but most consequential to Johnny as Senior Human Resources Business Partner is providing all employees an attentive ear, compassion and counsel. His competitive drive was once fueled by his college cheer squad; now, that intensity is saved for his Saturday spin class.
Deborah Jones. UT Medical Branch, Senior Vice President and Dean, School of Nursing. Growing up in an old Virginia railroad town (Crewe) with a population that’s still less than 2,500 in a county (Nottoway) with less than 16,000 people, Deborah didn’t always know the scale of opportunity that existed beyond the county lines. But it was there that instilled in her a strong belief in the power of community and that drives her commitment to give back to that community
Dylan Buck. UT Arlington, Senior Student Body Vice President, 2022-23. Born and raised in St. Louis, Dylan found himself adjusting to a new life in North Texas as a senior in high school after his parents moved to take on new job opportunities. He chose to attend UT Arlington and has made the most of his time on campus.
While you may not know Jen, you’ve heard her voice and seen her creations as designer of informational employee materials. Her savvy skills go beyond screen and paper and into the realm of deliciousness. Just ask about her hydroponic garden and insane cheese-plate game.
Hopeton Hay, Executive Director HUB Programs. Born in New Orleans, Hopeton spent portions of his childhood living in France, Texas and New Jersey as his father served in the U.S. Army before moving back to The Big Easy.
Privacy is a word we commonly hear in the news, articles, and within the walls of System, but do we really think of privacy in our day-to-day office tasks or as we go about personal lives online shopping, ordering food delivery, posting on social media?
Born in Newgulf and raised in Beaumont, Francie’s boundless resolve, Ann Richards-twang and blonde tresses are pure Texas. So, it’s no surprise this tall Texan is tasked with advising the leaders of the state’s largest university system.
The creative mind behind the visual style of UT System communications, Mehran is a man of international intrigue whose loves, beyond family and career, include a savory German/Turkish delight and a challenging DIY project.
She’ll soothe your computer blues, then when she steps out from behind the screen, Grace sparkles in vibrant hues, whether she’s conquering a mountain or creatively chronicling the jaunt in her journal.