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Welcome to The University of Texas System, the nation’s premier public system of higher education. Established by the Texas Constitution in 1876, the UT System now consists of eight universities and six health institutions serving more than 230,000 students. We've recently established two new medical schools at academic institutions – the Dell Medical School at UT Austin and a School of Medicine at our newest university, UT Rio Grande Valley. 

As one of the largest university systems in the United States, we confer more than one-third of Texas’ undergraduate degrees each year and educate two-thirds of the state’s health care professionals. The groundbreaking research and discoveries by our faculty and students reverberate around the globe, and the teaching and learning that occur in classrooms across our campuses are second to none.

After a 37-year career serving in the U.S. Navy, I am incredibly honored to lead the UT System as chancellor. I have witnessed firsthand all over the world that education has the power to change lives and change the world. It diminishes bigotry, hatred, ignorance and poverty and it perpetuates hope, fairness, open-mindedness and prosperity. It advances society and expands our horizons.

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One on One

Tackling the Rural Health Challenge

February 9, 2018
What if taking your child to see an asthma specialist meant missing work and an hours-long drive? What if the nearest oncologist was 100 miles away?  Physical proximity to quality healthcare is a blessing those of us living in or around big cities sometimes take for granted. But throw a dart at a map of Texas, and you’ll likely hit a spot where access to care is anything but a given. Nearly six in ten Texas physicians practice in just five of our state’s 254 counties. Sixty-four counties have no hospital, and 24 lack even a single primary care physician.