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How do I make changes to my insurance plans?

Changes are permitted during Annual Enrollment or within 31 days of a qualified change in status event. Please submit an online request and upload supporting documentation in My UT Benefits. If you have questions or need assistance with My UT Benefits, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 512-499-4587 or

What’s the difference between the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Employee Benefits?

The Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) serves as the insurance plan. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) administers the plans created by OEB for UT System Administration employees. For insurance and retirement program questions, please contact OHR at 512-499-4587 or

Time Reporting & Leave

Who do I speak with regarding extended leave?

Please contact for assistance.

How do I view my leave balances?

  1. Log into PeopleSoft using your SNAC.
  2. Balances are located on the home page in PeopleSoft under Employee Leave Summary.

Vacation, sick and floating holiday balances may not be current. Please contact your timekeeper to find out the “as of” date for those leave types.  State comp (displayed as Straight Comp) and FLSA Overtime (displayed as Overtime Comp) balances are updated daily.  If the balance for any leave type is zero, the row will not display at all.

How do I determine when my state comp time will expire?

Please visit Review Compensatory Time Expiration in the Employee Time Reporting & Leave Balances Manual.


How do I view my W-2?

If you are an active employee, please refer to the View Your Online W-2 job aid. If you are separated from UT System, please contact the Payroll office at 512-499-4700 or

Who do I speak with regarding my paycheck?

Please call the Office of Human Resources at 512-499-4587 or email

How do I set up multiple direct deposit accounts?

Please refer to the Self-Service Direct Deposit job aid.


What are the Wellness Center hours and what do I need to know before I go?

Please visit Wellness Center.

What does the Employee Assistance Program offer and what is the contact information?

UT System employees are eligible to use the Employee Assistance Program provided by UT Austin. Please visit the page for details and contact information at


How do I obtain a copy of my job description?

Please contact to obtain a job description.

How is a position’s exemption status determined?

Each position is classified as exempt or non-exempt according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) based on job duties. In general, management-level jobs are exempt and jobs with less authority or autonomy are non-exempt. Here are some basic differences between non-exempt and exempt positions:


  • Subject to the FLSA
  • Eligible for overtime
  • Employee must seek prior approval prior to working more than scheduled hours


  • Not subject to FLSA
  • Not eligible for overtime

Workplace Accommodations

Who do I speak with regarding workplace accommodations?

Please call the Office of Human Resources at 512-499-4587 or contact your HR Business Partner.

Employee Relations

Who do I contact for problems with a manager or employee?

Please contact your HR Business Partner for assistance.


How do I request an employment verification?

Please visit Employment Verification.

How do I determine if I’m in an exempt or non-exempt position?

The easiest way to determine your status is in the Employee Timesheet System. Once logged in, click on My Profile. Exemption status is displayed in “Employee Type”.

How do I get a replacement badge?

There is a $10 fee for lost or stolen replacement badges. Please send your check or money order payment (payable to UT System Administration) to Accounting Services. Once you receive a receipt for payment, call the Office of Human Resources at 512-499-4587 to arrange a time to get your new badge. Please bring your receipt.

There is no charge for broken badges. Call the Office of Human Resources at 512-499-4587 to arrange a time to get a new badge. Please bring your broken badge.