Close up of a UT System Police Badge, with text on the side of the image: Office of the Director of Police

Training Bulletins

TB001 - Firearms on Campus (Revised 05/01/2023)

TB002 - Secure Weapon Storage (not posted, Law Enforcement Sensitive, contact ODOP)

TB003 - Mental/Emotional Health Contacts and CHL Holders 

TB004 - Firearms and Family Violence

TB005 - Citizens' Right to Record the Police

TB006 - Ebola Virus Disease Officer Guidelines

TB007 - Control and Reports of Communicable Diseases - updated 2/20/2020

TB008 - Review and Summary of Pertinent Case Law on Isolation and Quarantine - updated 2/20/2020

TB009 - Overview of the Law Enforcement Role in Isolation and Quarantine Related Issues - updated 2/2/2020

TB010 - Model Aircraft Reference Aid (not posted, Law Enforcement Sensitive, contact ODOP)

TB011 - Law Enforcement Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations (not posted, Law Enforcement Sensitive, contact ODOP) - updated 1/12/2016

TB012 - Alcohol Consumption by Minors

TB013 - Mentally Ill and Seized Firearms

TB014 - Mandated Body Worn Camera Training

TB015 - Safe Firearms Handling

TB016 - Rifle Armor Plates

TB017 - Opiates/Antidotes

TB018 - Synthetic Opioids Updates

TB019 - Overview of 85th Legislature's Senate Bill 4

TB020 - Encounters with Mentally Ill

TB021 - Safety Advisory for Public Safety Officials:  Nerve Agents

TB022 - Officer Safety:  Reaching into Vehicles

TB023 - Rissnet Intelligence Exchange (not posted, Law Enforcement Sensitive, contact ODOP, Sr. Inspector Shepherd)

TB024 - Campus Free Speech

TB025 - COVID-19 Virus Disease Officer Guidelines

TB026 - Posse Comitatus Act

Department of Defense Statement on the use of National Guard Forces Under Title 32 Section 502(f)

TB027 - Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment for COVID-19 Virus

TB028 - Update on Qualified/Official Immunity for Texas Peace Officers

TB029 - Executive Order GA-29 Mandatory Face Coverings

TB030 - Laser Pointer Hazards (Revised 09/16/2021)

TB031 - Election Day Voting Protocols

TB032 - Protective Order Registry Portal

TB033 - Missing and Unidentified Persons System

TB034- Search Warrants for Prospective Location Information (Geo-Location)

TB035- Excited Delirium and Hyperactive Delirium with Severe Agitation