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Sgt. Raul Tenorio, University of Texas at Houston Police Department

Sergeant Raul Tenorio
Sergeant Raul Tenorio 

My name is Raul Tenorio, and I’ve been with UTP-Houston for 18 years. I’m a Patrol Sergeant on nights but my journey with the department began in March of 2004, when I applied for the position of Security Officer, now known as Public Safety Officer (PSO). Being young and naïve made me oblivious to the fact that I was applying for a PSO position within a Police Department, until I met with the recruiter for my interview, who was in full police uniform. I conclude that there must have been a misunderstanding or mistake, as I was there for the PSO position interview, not for the Police Officer position. After embarrassing myself in explaining this, I was hired as a PSO and was blessed to experience the UTP-Houston culture, atmosphere, and different relationships I was able to generate.

I was captivated by the departments opportunities that my interest of becoming a Police Officer began to develop. I was fortunate to have been selected and attend the UTSP Academy 83rd Basic Training School of 2007. After graduating the academy and completing the Field Training program, I was assigned to night shift, where I’ve gained and experienced the majority of my career endeavors. I quickly learned that patrol was my niche and enjoyed helping those in need and needing assistance. As time went by, I continued to expand my patrol experience, created new relationships, and developed other passions. Due to my patrol experience, motivation, and ability to mold and guide other officers, I was selected to join the Field Training Program as a Field Training Officer. I appreciated training new officers, especially new PPO’s, who had no prior law enforcement experience. It was a rewarding feeling having had the opportunity of training the future leaders of UTP-Houston and other agencies. I feel blessed and humbled to have been recognized with various awards, commendations, and recommendations throughout my career. Those who have worked side by side with me know I don’t shy from helping and empowering those around me.

Having enjoyed being a patrol officer for many years, it brought about the desire to promote to a Sergeant. I first participated in the Sergeant Promotional Process of 2020, and on July 1, 2021, I was selected and promoted to the rank of Sergeant. After completing my training as a Sergeant, I was blessed to be assigned to night shift again, where I would replace my Sergeant who had retired, and returning to the officers who I’ve worked alongside for all these years. I believe we all promote for different reasons, but my main purpose was to care and assist patrol. I have learned that as a first line supervisor, we’re the first level of line management in policing and carry a vital role in ensuring effective daily supervision, guidance, and support of officers and staff. I always try to lead by example, remain humble, and learn from others. Policing keeps evolving and to remain effective and efficient, we must also evolve and adapt to changes. May everyone continue to prosper, and I end with this quote that I tell all officers, “Prepare for the Unknown”.