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Sgt. Joe LoBrutto, The University of Texas at Austin Police Department

Sgt. Joe LoBrutto
 Sgt. Joe LoBrutto, University of Texas at Austin Police Department 

My name is Joe LoBrutto.  Currently, I am a Detective Sergeant with the University of Texas at Austin Police Department. I have been with UT System for about 17 years.  I started with the UTSA Police Department attending the 80th Basic Academy class.  The UTSAPD provided me multiple opportunities.  I was a Corporal, Sergeant, and instructor.  UTSAPD recognized a need for active shooter instructors and sent me to the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training program.  Very quickly we were able to start teaching classes.  Soon after I was traveling to other components within UT System teaching active shooter response, as well as basic academy classes.  The department took it a step further and I was soon organizing yearly joint exercises with multiple first responder and law enforcement entities.  In addition, I am a Field Training Officer and supervised the Field Training Program for several years. 

By allowing me this opportunity to provide incredible training to a wide variety of departments, I was able to build relationships with people around the state.  In addition, I was hired by ALERRT as an adjunct instructor.  This gave me the opportunity to provide additional training within UT System and the state of Texas.  Eventually, I started teaching around the country.  Encountering so many people from a wide variety of departments gave me a deep appreciation for UT System and the departments I’ve worked.   

About 15 years after I started, I moved from UTSAPD to the UT Austin Police Department.  I began working in the Public Order Division.  Shortly after, I was able to successfully promote to Sergeant and worked in the Community Engagement Division for a short period before moving to the Investigations and Mitigation Division (IMD).  I have been working in IMD for about 2 years.  I supervised the Field Intelligence Section within the Threat Mitigation Unit (TMU).  Recently, I moved to the Threat Mitigation Section of the TMU.  I enjoy this work as we can look at cases, incidents, and individuals in order to assess the likelihood of future violence.  This allows us to provide specific safety and risk mitigation plans for individuals, cases, and events. 

Throughout my career, some of the most impactful moments have been when I was given the opportunity to train and lead others.  Whether through FTO, training classes, or as a supervisor, I have been the most blessed when I found out something myself or other instructors provided to a person helped them be a better individual or officer.  I deeply value the relationships I have made throughout the past 17 years.   

I look forward to what the future holds and continuing to assist the UT System, the UT community, and anyone we contact.