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Officer David W. Chang, The University of Texas at Dallas Police

UT Dallas Officer David Chang
Officer David Chang

My name is David W. Chang. I am a 1.5 generation Korean-American who came to the States at the age of six and grew up in New York. In 1994 I joined the New York City Police Department with the simple purpose and desire of wanting to help people. I started my career having a first-row seat to the greatest show on earth as well as experiencing one of the most tragic events in recent memory (9/11). During my years in the NYPD, I was assigned to various and diverse units within the NYPD starting from Patrol, Peddler Unit, Community Policing Unit, Anti-Crime Unit, Precinct Detective Squad, Internal Affairs Bureau and my last 9 years in the Counterterrorism Bureau assigned to the World Trade Center Command.

Joining the NYPD was a calling and I personally believe we in law enforcement are doing God's work. I was blessed to have worked with and led many dedicated and honorable people who served and protected the people of New York.

After retiring in 2016 after serving in the NYPD for 22+ years, my wife Sarah and I of 25 years of marriage and daughter Joules moved to Texas.

After two years of retirement, I realized that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. It seems during one’s career, we are always looking forward to retirement but once retired, I personally missed the “job” as we called it in the NYPD but more so, the people I worked with.

In 2019 I was given the opportunity to pursue my calling in law enforcement again with University of Texas at Dallas Police Department.  My approach and philosophy for policing was always to treat people with courtesy, professionalism and respect. In addition, I personally approach policing at the University of Texas at Dallas campus as if my daughter attended the University. I believe our function in law enforcement is vital to the safety and security of all in our society and we should all take pride in our dedication in serving and protecting our community.