UT System Policies related to Contracting and Procurement


UTS115 Records and Information Management

UTS118 Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities

UTS119 Compliance Programs

UTS134 Code of Ethics for Financial Officers and Employees

UTS137 Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

UTS139 Compliance with the Texas Public Information Act

UTS142 Financial Accounting and Reporting

UTS145 Processing of Contracts

UTS148 Protest Procedures Related to Procurements of Goods and Services

UTS156 Purchaser and Certain Contract Negotiator Training and Certification

UTS159 Purchasing

UTS166 Cash Management and Cash Handling Policy

UTS167 Banking Services Policy

UTS168 Capital Expenditure Policy

UTS171 Student Financial Aid Code of Conduct

UTS173 Export Controls


Contracts, General

UTS108 Affiliation Agreement Policy

UTS130 Vending Machine Contracts

UTS145 Processing of Contracts


Information Technology and Intellectual Property

UTS125 Guidance for Negotiating Research Agreements with Sponsors and Processing Research and Intellectual Property Agreements

UTS140 Enhancing Major Software Projects

UTS150 Access by Persons with Disabilities to Electronic and Information Resources Procured or Developed by The University of Texas System Administration and The University of Texas System Institutions

UTS165 Information Resources Use and Security Policy



UTS141 Employee Discount Programs

UTS169 Sustainability Practices


Real Estate

UTS126 Real Estate Contracts

UTS161 Environmental Review for Acquisition of Real Property


Tax Issues

UTS103 Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

UTS122 Guidelines for Web Site Solicitations

UTS138 Gift Acceptance Procedures