Real Estate Office

Geoff Richards serves as Executive Director of Real Estate, and Frank Ting serves as Assistant Director of Real Estate. Kirk Tames serves as Real Estate Special Advisor. Philip Bible and Luis Castro serve as Senior Real Estate Officers. Kim Vasquez serves as Portfolio Manager. The Real Estate Office reports to the Office of Business Affairs.

Staff are Tina Faltysek, May GardnerShanquetta Lewis-Cole, and Lisa O'Bryan.

Within the Office of General Counsel, Corina Castillo-Johnson serves as an Assistant General Counsel and Ha DaoRandi Eisner are Associate General Counsels, specializing in real estate.

The Real Estate Office provides centralized and comprehensive real estate services for the institutions within the UT System. Services include:

  • Provision of a comprehensive range of professional expertise and resources for campus real estate transactions, including planning and feasibility analyses, purchases, easements, and leases.
  • Management, sales, and leases of surface interests in real property donated or bequeathed to a U. T. institution.
  • Evaluation of proposed gifts and bequests of surface interests in real property and assistance to the institutions with respect to such gifts and bequests.
  • Processing of required approvals for real estate transactions from U. T. System officials, the Board of Regents and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
  • Coordination with the Office of Risk Management with respect to environmental and insurance issues.
  • Coordination with county appraisal districts and tax offices with respect to property tax issues and exemptions.
  • Provision of guidance and assistance to the institutions for compliance with policies and laws governing real property and real property transactions.




To submit a transaction to the U. T. System Real Estate Office for assignment, please fill out the intake form using the link above and send to the real estate office inbox at

 If there are questions or concerns, please contact the U. T. System Real Estate Office main line at (512) 499-4333.