CPPG Additional Resources

CPPG Resources

Best Value Procurement Statutes:

Contract Execution Instructions

Contract Management Handbooks by Institution

Contracting Processes Flowchart (re UTS145)

Delegations of Authority (Rule 10501)

Delegations of Authority: Recommendations for Drafting Delegation Memoranda (Rule 10501)

Excluding Bank Account and Routing Numbers from Contracts

HB 1295 - Certificate of Interested Parties:

Legal Resource Manual for Purchasers and Contract Administrators

National Contract Management Association 

Nepotism Disclosure Form (required for contracts over $1 million)

Required ADR: Do We Have To?

Required Addendum Contract Clauses - Reference Materials

Special Procedure Contracts (UTS145)

Summary of Contracts Requiring Board Approval (Rule 10501)

UT System Administration Contract Management Handbook


OGC Resources

Trademark Resources:


UT System Resources

Business Affairs Checklists:

Directories - System-Wide, Institutions and System Administration

Privacy - OGC Privacy Web Page


State of Texas Resources

Legislative Budget Board - Contracts

Office of the Attorney General Outside Counsel Contracts:

Office of the Comptroller

Reporting Documentation:

State of Texas Guides:

Texas Facilities Commission (fka Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC))

Texas Legislature Online

Texas Register