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General Law

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The General Law section of The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and counsel to UT System and UT institutions on a broad range of issues, including:

  • academic catalogs and handbooks
  • business and fiscal matters
  • civil rights
  • constitutional law
  • employment law
  • faculty and student affairs
  • governmental regulations
  • internal investigations
  • law enforcement
  • litigation
  • open records requests
  • torts

The General Law section is the primary liaison to the Office of the Attorney General, in matters on which the Attorney General represents UT institutions and UT System Administration in court.

General Law Resources:
  • Consideration of Race in Admissions - Omar Syed
  • Hearing Officer Training for Classified Employee Hearings - Omar Syed
  • Hearing Officer Training for Student Discipline Hearings - Omar Syed
  • Sexual Harassment - Omar Syed
  • Texas Public Information Act - Cynthia Tynan
  • Tribunal/Panel Training for Faculty Members Appointed to Preside over Institutional Tenure Denial and Tenure Termination Hearings - Omar Syed