Health Affairs Committee

Per Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 10402, the Health Affairs Committee shall:

  • Consider and report to the Board on matters concerned with substantive aspects of policies and programs related to the academic philosophy and objectives of the health institutions; with University relations; and with health academic planning, instruction, and research.
  • Report and recommend to the Board approval of matters relating to education in the health institutions.
  • Recommend appropriate Board action with respect to any recommendations by the Chancellor related to the appointment, promotion, and dismissal of such institutional officers as may be appropriate in the health institutions.
  • Consider and report to the Board on matters relating to the research, training, and community service activities of the health institutions.
  • Consider and report to the Board on matters affecting the libraries of the health institutions.
  • Report to the Board on policies relating to soliciting and securing gifts for the UT System’s health institutions.
  • With respect to each hospital, clinic, and patient-care facility owned by The University of Texas System, counsel with the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs regarding the bylaws and rules and regulations of the medical staff; and make recommendations to the Board concerning mechanisms and controls for the achievement and maintenance of high standards of professional practices in and at the hospital, clinic, or patient-care facility.
  • Make recommendations concerning capital improvement priorities related to the approved missions of the health institutions.
  • Review proposed changes to health institution mission statements and make recommendations to the Board for approval.

Committee Chairman

Christina Melton Crain 

Committee Regents

Robert P. Gauntt 
Jodie Lee Jiles
Janiece Longoria 
Nolan Perez, M.D.
Stuart W. Stedman