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Glossary of Terms


A promotion occurs when an existing employee is competitively selected as the most qualified candidate for an existing vacant position or as a means of rewarding an employee who has mastered all elements of the current job and meets the requirement of a higher-level job (requires prior approval from the Chancellor or his/her designee and subject to applicable recruitment policies as determined by OHR).


A position is reclassified when there is a substantive change to the actual duties and responsibilities of a job due to changes in organization, type of work, staffing requirements or technology; or when the classification (title, grade or status) assigned to the job no longer accurately reflect the actual job duties.  A reclassification may result in a higher, equal or lower pay grade.  A reclassification is not based on the employee's current salary, length of service or volume of work.  Subject to applicable recruitment policies, as determined by OHR.

In-Range Adjustment

An in-range adjustment is made when an employee’s salary is significantly lower than the market value for the position they occupy or to address salary compression or reverse salary inversion for longer-tenured employees in similar roles as shorter-tenured employees.  An in-range adjustment is not intended to reward an employee’s performance.