CPPG Standard Contracts


CPPG Standard Contracts*:

Interagency Cooperation

-          Interagency Cooperation Contract

Vending Machine Services (subject to use as described in UTS130)

-           Vending Machine Services Contract

-           Renewal, Extension and Amendment of Vending Machine Services Contract

* “Standard Contracts” are forms developed and approved by the Office of General Counsel (OGC) pursuant to UT System Policy UTS145.  Using a “Standard Contract” form will expedite UT System review and approval.  OGC review is not required for “Standard Contracts” unless substantive changes are made to the “Standard Contract” form.  Non-substantive changes to a “Standard Contract” form do not require OGC review.  Changes to the names of parties, amount of consideration, date, and term are examples of “non-substantive changes.”