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Program Overview

Students of the Master of Arts in English online program offered by The University of Texas at Permian Basin gain valuable knowledge while preparing for a PhD program while developing the skills to work in 4-year and community colleges. The program also serves high school teachers looking to teach advanced/concurrent courses, and prepares students for careers in publishing, editing, and research as well.

The purposes of the Master of Arts program in English are at least five-fold:

  • to train students to work with the materials of literature with scholarly competence and maturity;
  • to prepare students to teach English in schools and colleges;
  • to provide additional professional training for English teachers currently employed in elementary and secondary schools; to prepare students for such non-teaching vocations as publishing, advertising, editing, civil service, and management;
  • and to offer sound professional training on the master’s level for students who intend to pursue a doctorate elsewhere in literary studies, including rhetoric and composition.

UTPB's English faculty strive to cultivate intellectual growth and to stimulate diverse scholarly interests. They are also committed to offering students the opportunity not only to master current knowledge but to contribute to this knowledge through research and original thinking. The English department is particularly known for its concentration on the burgeoning field of interdisciplinary studies. Graduate students are encouraged to participate in academic conferences and to publish in scholarly journals.

Additional information on coursework and program requirements can be found on UTPB's MA English webpage.

Many MA English courses are open to cross-campus enrollment. Check with your academic advisor prior to registering for any of these courses to ensure that they apply toward your degree program.

To view MA English program courses currently open for cross-campus enrollment, go the Student Portal Course Schedule and select English (MA) from the Finish@UT Program menu, or search for a specific course name/number. UT Permian Basin students should refer to the UTPB Course Schedule and register directly through your home campus.

Getting Started

To enroll in the program, you must apply to and be accepted by UT Permian Basin. Complete details on how to enter the MA English program at UTPB can be found on the MA English program page. 

Refer to the Student Support section of our website for additional information on cross-campus registration, course access and campus contacts.

Institution and Advisor

UT Permian Basin

Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in English


Program Advisor:

Dr. Todd Richardson, Associate Professor and Director of English Graduate Program

(432) 552-2292 |

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Estimated campus tuition and fees information can be found on the Tuition, Payments & Financial Aid page.

Are campus visits required?

The courses are offered fully-online. If a course requires field-based experience/practicum it is noted in the course description.

How can I find more information?

Review the MA English website, and contact the Program Advisor listed above if you have additional questions.