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Membership Selection

The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers welcomes outstanding faculty to its membership each spring. Using a campus-based selection process, each institution may nominate one past Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award winner for consideration. Each institution is responsible for developing a procedure for selecting the nominee who must have tenure or equivalent rank for contingent faculty (senior lecturer, for example).


Selection Criteria

All Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award winners are excellent teachers. Membership in the Academy will transcend sustained teaching excellence and will also be based on the breadth, quantity, and quality of extraordinary contributions to the greater education mission of the UT System.  Examples of appropriate categories for such contributions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pedagogical leadership such as educational scholarship and research

  • Curriculum development including instructional design or re-design

  • Creating an effective and inspiring link between teaching and scholarship

  • Collaborating with colleagues at all levels to improve teaching practice and learning strategies

  • Leadership of interdisciplinary educational initiatives spanning traditional department structures

  • Innovations that improve the classroom experience

  • Innovative delivery of instruction using technology

  • Innovative assessment of learner performance

  • Educational administration and leadership

  • Counseling and mentorship with a demonstrated impact on students' intellectual and career development


The following will also be considered for each candidate:

  • The candidate's overall reputation as an educator

  • The length of time at the institution with active involvement in an educational effort

  • An articulated commitment to participating in the Academy


Application Materials

The nomination packet shall include, following this order:

  1. A cover page listing the nominee's name and title, department, university, and contract information.
  2. A one-page statement from the nominating institution (from the president or provost) demonstrating how the nominee is distinguished from other Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award winners based on the selection criteria above.
  3. A two-page personal statement from the candidate that includes a discussion of the candidate's
    • Educational philosophy
    • Outstanding educational contributions
    • Professional development series
    • Intended contributions to the Academy
  4. Two recent letters of support
    • One from a peer
    • One from a current or former student
  5. Brief/Condensed CV (no more than 5 pages)
  6. The original Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award packet in a single, plain PDF. The nominee has the option to minimally modify their ROTA file through updates to tables, award lists and publications, etc., but is not to replace or add more letters of reference, essays or sections.

Nomination for membership in the Academy shall be submitted electronically by the President or Provost to Mr. Weston Rose at

All application materials are due to Mr. Rose no later than Friday, January 10, 2020.