Why Should I Participate

Why should you participate?

Quite simply, there's no savings opportunity like it: The UT System Voluntary Savings Plans offer a unique combination of investment choices and convenience. Here's more information about how our plans work.

Action Plan

  • Learn why it's easy and smart to save
  • Understand the UT System Plan options
  • Visit UT Retirement Manager and enroll
What is the plan? Is there more than one?

The UT System offers two voluntary retirement plans: The UTSaver TSA (a 403(b) plan) and the UTSaver DCP (a 457(b) plan). These plans are employee benefits designed to help you save for retirement. You choose how much of your paycheck to put into your plan account(s) each pay period. You may increase or decrease that amount at any time. And you decide how your money is invested, first by choosing a contribution amount and then by making investment elections. You put money into the plan before taxes are taken out — or pretax. And your savings are tax-deferred — meaning you pay no income taxes on the money you put into your plan, or on any investment earnings until you withdraw it.

Why do I need a plan like this?

Every day, the prospects grow brighter for a longer, healthier retirement. Yet Social Security, personal savings, and even part-time work may not be enough. This makes your voluntary savings essential if you want to maintain your quality of life after you stop working.

What kind of investment choices do I have?

The UT System offers five retirement providers, each with a variety of investments from conservative to aggressive, so you can choose a fund or a product that matches your risk profile and time horizon. You're also free to change your investments as your personal goals change. Each provider also has advisors who will visit your campus or institution to meet with you individually and help you make investment decisions.

Is it easy to enroll?

Yes, you can enroll yourself online in just a few minutes at www.utretirement.utsystem.edu. You will need to choose a contribution amount from your pay through UT Retirement Manager. Then choose a retirement provider and enroll directly with that provider to make investment selections.