Make Changes

You did it! You started your contributions. But what if you want to change your contribution amount? What if you decide to change your providers?

The good news is that the UT Retirement Program gives you the control to make changes any time.

Changing Future Contributions

To change your future contributions into a voluntary retirement account, first:

  1. Log into UTRetirement Manager
  2. Go to the blue My Savings Manager section and choose Start or Change my Contributions
  3. Select which plan contributions you wish to change (UTSaver DCP or UTSaver TSA)
  4. Select the future paycheck you wish the change to be effective
  5. In the Enter new contribution box, enter the new contribution amount
  6. Select the percentage of the new contribution goes to your new retirement provider
  7. Confirm the new election, and you are done

Moving Existing Balances

To move existing balances between retirement vendors, first:

  1. Download the UT Transfer Verification (TVF) Form (.pdf) available online.
  2. Take the form to the receiving provider. An authorized agent from that provider will assist you in completing the form.
  3. Once you and your receiving provider have completed the TVF form, submit it to your local benefits office.
  4. There may be additional paperwork to complete based on which vendors you are working with.

In general, the authorized agent of the Retirement Plan should be able to walk you through the entire process and make it as easy as possible. You can find contact information for all the vendors online at Approved Providers.