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Past Request for Proposal Postings

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The University of Texas System Administration is providing the following information for Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications.

Assistance: Contact the Office of the Controller at 512.499.4527 or email at An open records request must be filed in order to obtain detail related to this information.

File Title
RFP 720-1729 RFP: Medical Billing Compliance Software
RFP 720-1722 RFP: Executive Search Firms Services
RFP 720-1728 RFP: EPO
RFP 720-1724 RFP: Insurance Brokerage Services
RFP 720-1721 RFP: Incident Response and Digital Forensics
RFP 720-1713 RFP: Radioactive Waste Disposal Services
RFP 720-1711 RFP: Fundraising Feasibility Study and Campaign Consulting Services
RFP 720-1715 RFP: Board Portal Solution
RFP 720-1704 RFP: Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Services
RFP 720-1710 RFP: Fundraising Consulting and Other Related Services for Development Programs
RFP 720-1714 RFP: Outplacement Services
RFP 720-1705 RFP: Cost Containment Services and Workers' Compensation Health Care Network Services
RFP 720-1706 RFP: Rolling Owner Contrlled Insurance Program Brokerage and Administration Services
RFP 720-1709 RFP: Expense Report Management Software
RFP 720-1708 RFP: Office Real Estate Broker Services
RFP 720-1703 RFP: PeopleSoft Break-fix Support and Enhancement Services
RFP 720-1702 RFP: Auditing and Evaluation Services
RFP 720-1707 RFP: Retail Real Estate Broker Services
RFP 720-1701 RFP: Recruitment and Search Services for Athletic Departments
RFP #721-1701 RFP: Recruitment and Search Services for Athletic Departments
RFP #BDV08262016 RFP: Health Care Consulting Services
RFP #BDV08262016 RFP: Health Care Consulting Services
RFP #UL-SOLAR-2016-1 RFP: Solary Engery Resources Project
RPF #ITL08012016 RFP: Content Management Systems for University Programs
RFP #OTC07142016 RFP: Valuation Services for UTHF Portfolio
RFP #OTC07132016 RFP: Create Brand Strategy for UT Horizon Fund
RFP #OTC07122016 RFP: Market Research Databases for Commercialization Due Diligence
RFP #ITL063012016 RFP: Learning Environment Services
RFP #EXT06272016 RFP: Branding Strategy & Marketing Services
RFP #ITL06162016 RFP: Salesforce Configuration & Development Services
RFP #COM2016-0510 RFP: Hotline Reporting System Services
RFP #SWIS05302016 RFP: Vendor to Provide Microsoft Program
RFP #BUSUTS-A51 RFP: Core Lab Equipment
RFP #BDV05272016 RFP: Project DOC Valuation Services
RFP #ORM05232016 RFP: Property Insurance Broker and Risk Management Services
RFP #AUD05172016 RFP: Internal Audit & Consulting Services
RFP #OAA05062016 RFP: Athletics Search Firm
RFP #UCI32011 RFP: Outplacement Services
RFP #CON03312016 RFP: Financial Audit Services
RFP #AUD02242016 RFP: Services related to IT Audit Risk Assessment Methodology
RFP #OTC03232016 RFP: Proposal Preparation Firms
RFQ #OGC20120518 RFQ: Outside Counsel
RFQ #OGC20150608 RFQ: Outside Counsel
RFP #UTSTS20160201 RFP: Aviation Consulting Services
RFP #CON02222016 RFP: Fair Value Measurement of Certain Investments
RFP #OTS12212015 RFP: Provide 100Gbps Lamda Ethernet Services for UT System
RFP #ORM20151216 RFP: Unemployment, ACA Compl & Employment Related Srv
RFP #TCO12142015 RFP: Assist in Developing Entrepreneurship Network
RFP #OAA01212016 RFP: Web-based Services, Alcohol Ed & Assault Prevention
RFP #SIS11302015 RFP: Oracle-PeopleSoft Training/Documentation Services
RFP #OTC12022015 RFP: Develop and Execute Online Marketing Strategy
RFP #SSO-2-MedBill RFP: Medical Billing Compliance Software
RFP #JAMP12152015 RFP: MCAT Test Preparation, Enrichment & Review Services
RFP #CON10152015 RFP: Upgrade Financial Consolidated Reporting System
RFP #FAC2015LM0805RP RFP: Landscaping Maintenance Services
RFP #UTAI09032015 RFP: Consultant for UT Americas Institute
RPF #OEBRFP-Flex RFP: Flexible Spending Account Plans
RFP #OEBRFP-Vision RFP: Vision Insurance
RFP #OEBRFP-ActSrv RFP: Actuarial Services
RFP #OEBRFP-MedD RFP: Drug Subsidies for Medicare Part D
RFP #OEBRFP-DisIns RFP: Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
RFP #OTC08052015 RFP: Research database to support Horizon Fund
RFP #OEB05292015 RFP: Recovery Sevices
RFP #BUSUTS-A48 RFP: Charter Aircraft Related Services
RFP #ALC2015-AVEq RFP: Audio Visual Equipment
RFP #BUSUTS-A50 RFP: Spend Analytics Solution
RFP #UTS A47 RFP: UTS A47 3-4-2015 Contract Compliance Review
RFP #ITL03202015 RFP: Learning Content Development and Production
RFP #TCO202132015 RFP: Portfolio Review UT Horizon Fund
RFP #OHA11212014 RFP: Diabetes Obesity Control Project Platform
RFP #OHA10172014 RFP: Consulting Diabetes Control
RFP #ORM156082 RFP: Emergency & Recovery Services for Disaster Events
RFP #ITL01202014-R RFP: Learning Environment Design Development
RFP #BUSUTS-A43 RFP: Preferred Supplier of Office Supplies
RFP #BUSUTS-A40 RFP: Offsite Records Storage Solution
RFP #EIS20131121 RFP: PeopleSoft and CRM Implementation Services
RFP #EIS20131014 RFP: Hosting Managed Srvcs for Oracle PeopleSoft
RPF #OEBRFP-LTC RFP: Long Term Care Insurance Plans
RFP #OEBRFP-PPOPlan RFP: Administrative Services for Self-funded PPO Plan
RFP #ALC2013-PCs RFP: Personal Computers
RFP #OGC20130327 RFP: Review Services related to Licensees of BOR Intellectual Property
RFP #ALC2012-MobDev RFP: Mobile Device Management
RFP #OEBRFP-DentPPO RFP: Administrative Services for Self-funded Dental PPO Plan
RFP #OEBRFP-Pharm RFP: Pharmacy Benefit Management Services
RFP #FAC20120326 RFP: Stocking Services
RFP #OEBRFP-AudSrv RFP: Audit Services
RFP #OEBRFP-StuHlt RFP: Student Health, Study Aborad & Special Event Insurance
RFP #OEBRFP-RetServ RFP: Retirement Programs and 457(f) Plans
RFP #ALC2011-PrtSrv RFP: Managed Print Services
RFP # UTS A19 RFP: UTS A19 10-8-2010 Medical Billing Code System
RFP #OEBRFP-LifeAdd RFP: Life and Accidental Insurance Plans
RFP #BUSUTS-A18 RFP: Contingent Workforce
RFP #ALC2010-Lab RFP: Core Lab Equipment
RFP #ALC2010-Anml RFP: Research Animal Models