Aircraft Operations


The University of Texas System, as authorized by the Legislature, owns and operates an nine-passenger aircraft. The aircraft is to be used by System faculty and staff in the conduct of official State business and its use is governed by State law and Regents' Rules and Regulations, 20601

The UT System aircraft is hangared at and operated out of Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Fleet Services (TXDOT) located adjacent to Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

TXDOT Flight Services

Typical flights are within Texas, but the capability exists to fly anywhere in the United States. Special regulations apply to International (Mexico) travel and flights into Washington, D.C.

UT System has an ongoing commitment to safe operating practices and have been awarded Corporate Business Flying Safety Awards by the National Business Aviation Association.

Reservation Process

An  automated reservation process  is used for reserving use of UT System and TXDOT aircraft. Individuals must receive supervisory approval and be trained in the use of the reservation process before being given access to the  Aircraft Reservation System (logon required). A list of those individuals trained to use the system may be found at:  

To become an authorized user, contact Amy Mitchell, at or (512) 322-3728. A calendar of flights on UT System aircraft can be accessed by any UT System staff member by going to: UT System logon is required for access.

Car Rent at FBOs

UT System employees in need of a car rental at a FBO should refer to the UT System Car Rental web page for reservation information.  Specific procedures must be followed and advance notice is required to ensure that vehicle delivery and return processes are handled efficiently. Employees must have established UT System car rental membership numbers in order to rent a vehicle at a FBO.

UT institution employees in need of a rental car at a FBO may contact Aircraft Operations for additional information.

  1. Enterprise is the only car vendor at the Galveston, Texas FBO, and
  2. TxDOT Flight Services in Austin is not a FBO. Car rental pickup and/or return is not allowed at this facility.

TXDOT Aviation Division

TXDOT Aviation Division maintains a fleet of aircraft that is also available for our use. We encourage faculty and staff to utilize these aircraft when appropriate criteria are met. 

Flight Approval

Each requested flight must be approved by an authorized approver.

Important Reminders

  • The aircraft may only be used in the conduct of official State business.
  • A duty day for the UT System Aircraft and crew including 1 hour prior to departure time and 30 minutes after return to base may not exceed 13 hours. 
  • The aircraft may be used only if: (1) the number traveling is cost efficient ; or (2) the destination is not served by commercial carriers; or (3) the time required to use commercial carriers interferes with other obligations {travelers should maintain documentation, such as a calendar, in support of this statement} .
  • There are only 3 categories of eligible passengers who may use the System aircraft: (1) passengers who are officers or employees of the State of Texas; (2) passengers who are spouses or other non-employees whose presence benefits the State or is in furtherance of State business; and (3) passengers who are in the care or custody of an officer or employee traveling on official State business.

Texas Government Code § 2205.036(b) PROHIBITS use of State aircraft if the passenger is to be transported to or from a place where the passenger:

  • will make or has made a speech not related to official State business;
  • will attend or has attended an event sponsored by a political party;
  • will perform a service or has performed a service for which the passenger is to receive an honorarium, unless the passenger reimburses the agency for the cost of the transportation;
  • will attend or has attended an event at which money is raised for private or political purposes; or
  • will attend or has attended an event at which an audience was charged an admission fee to see or hear the passenger.

Aircraft Operations Team

Jeff Perkins, Chief Pilot 

Dave Crosby, Pilot Captain

Amy Mitchell, Aircraft Coordinator

For More Information

For questions about policies and the use of System aircraft, contact Amy Mitchell, at or (512) 322-3728.