Action Requests

The Office of Budget and Planning has developed an automated request process for the common request types; Budget Adjustment Requests (under construction) and Carryforward Requests.

Budget Adjustment Requests [Under Construction]

The Office of Budget and Planning is currently working on an automated process to collect budget adjustment/transfer request information and provide confirmation to department heads and requestors once requests are processed. Departments will be notified when this functionality is available.

Carryforward Requests

It is U. T. System Administration's policy to lapse unexpended budget authority at the end of each fiscal year. However, we recognize there are situations that may require carryforward funding which was not planned or anticipated during the budget planning process such as the following:

  • Purchase orders not fully expended that will not roll to the next fiscal year (see more information below)
  • Outstanding invoices for services in the prior year
  • Specific unexpected one-time expense not included as a One-Time Funding Request

A Carryforward Request may be submitted for consideration for purposes similar to the above list. 

The requests will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning and recommendations submitted to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs for approval.

Completing the request form

Please read the information below before accessing the Carryforward Request Form linked below.

  • The On-line Carryforward Request Form cannot be saved therefore all necessary information should be gathered before beginning the submission process.  To assist departments, a Carryforward Information Form has been created that can be used internally by departments to gather information and seek necessary approvals.  This form is NOT to be used in lieu of completing the On-line Carryforward Request Form but may be attached to the request as supporting documentation.
  • A separate form is needed for each carryforward request/cost center/budgetary account.
  • Provide a brief description of the item or items being requested. Attach more detailed information as needed.
  • To receive a record of the request being submitted, check the box next to “Send me a copy of my responses” and provide your email address. A record will be emailed to you.
  • Once submitted, a blank form will be loaded so additional requests can be submitted.


This form is no longer available.  If you have a carryforward that was not submitted, contact GRP-BudAction.


  • Carryforward Request outcomes will be communicated via an email to Department Heads and Requestors. This email will include an auto-generated Outcomes Report for all Carryforward Requests from the department.
  • For approved requests, the lesser amount of the funds requested, or the actual year-end balance will be carried forward.
  • Carryforward funds are not available in department cost centers until the first part of October.

One-Time Funding Requests

For this year and moving forward, if a one-time non-recurring funding request was included in the department budget workbook submitted during the budget planning process, DO NOT complete a Carryforward Request. Details on how to request these funds will be provided soon. Avoid committing these funds until confirmation has been received that funds are being made available.

Purchase Orders

Most Purchase Orders (POs) will roll forward properly into the new year as part of the year-end process administered by the Contracts and Procurement (CNP) Department. The Budget and Planning Team will grant budget for these types of POs at the beginning of September. However, partially fulfilled POs will not roll forward properly. For these POs, CNP will close the PO in PeopleSoft and encumbered funds related to the PO will not roll forward to the new year. CNP will notify departments if this occurs. In the event the department has an outstanding PO that does not roll forward, DO complete a Carryforward Request. Contact the CNP office with any questions related to POs.

Board Initiatives

Cost centers associated with Board approved funds for special activities (e.g., Clinical Data Network) will not have balances lapsed but rather will have them carried forward as A4000 or a combination of A4000 and A1000/A3000 if salaries are involved. This is a change in practice from prior years.  Therefore, DO NOT complete a Carryforward Request Form for these funds.

Please contact GRP-BudAction with carryforward questions and Sherill Franke for questions about the Carryforward Request Form.