Reporting Requirements related to Faculty & Administrators

The Office of Academic Affairs develops policies in support of faculty, including policies affecting promotion and tenure. In addition, UT institutions are required to report on certain activities related to faculty.

Reporting Requirements related to Faculty

Information on reporting faculty workload, tenure recommendations, post-tenure review, new hires with tenure, and appointment of endowed positions can be found here. All faculty-related reporting should be done using the intake form found here


Faculty Workload

In November 2017, Regent’s Rule 31006 was amended to enable each academic institution to develop a workload policy designed to achieve two main goals: foster greater student success while advancing each institution’s unique mission.



The UT System Board of Regents approves tenure. To ensure that the dossiers of tenure candidates are presented in a consistent manner to The UT System Board of Regents, the Office of Academic Affairs has developed a set of guidelines for the submission of tenure recommendations. Starting in academic year 2013-2014, we ask that institutions include the following documentation in support of its recommendations to award tenure to eligible faculty. Guidelines for the submission of regular tenure recommendations can be found here.


Post-Tenure Review Reporting

University of Texas System academic institutions are required to perform evaluations of tenured faculty periodically. The results of this review are reported to The University of Texas System Office of Academic Affairs.


New Hires with Tenure

The intake form for the submission of requests to hire a faculty member with tenure can be found here.


Appointment of Institutional Administrative Officers

The following Regents Rules governing the appointment of institutional administrative officers are available for review below:


Appointment of Faculty to Endowed Positions

Guidance can be found in Regents' Rule 60202. Additional guidance can be found below in the Chancellor's statement.


Please submit any questions to Dr. Kevin Lemoine at


Chancellor’s Guidelines on Endowed Positions

As authorized in the Rule, I am delegating to presidents authority to approve appointments of new holders, with two exceptions.  Also, I ask that you continue to report all appointments to the appropriate EVC. The following two appointment exceptions will continue to require advance approval by the appropriate EVC:

  1. Under special circumstances, an endowed professorship that may be granted to an outstanding faculty member prior to achieving full professor status; and
  2. Using endowed professorship funds to support fellows on a regular basis, in lieu of using the funds for temporary fellow support only (not to exceed one academic year).

If endowed professorships or chairs are used for either of the two exceptions above, please consult the endowment gift agreement in advance to ensure full alignment with donor intent, and please communicate your appointments with the donor and endowment compliance office.