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Tuition & Fees

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Working closely with the Board of Regents and Chancellor, the Office of Academic Affairs oversees tuition and fee strategies across the eight academic institutions and facilitates required approvals in accordance with laws and policies. In support of this effort, the following guidelines were developed to assist tuition and fee planning efforts and to promote consistent practices across campuses.


Approval Processes

At the core of UT System’s tuition setting process is a philosophy that tuition rates should be predictable and limited to what is necessary to achieve institutional goals within the context of a comprehensive financial plan. Therefore, other sources of revenues, including state appropriations, are closely examined and leveraged before increases to tuition and fees are considered.

Tuition and mandatory fee rates are subject to approval by the UT System Board of Regents.

Approval authority for non-mandatory fees, including incidental fees and course fees, are delegated to presidents in Regents’ Rule 40401, conditioned on prior review and approval by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Each fall, the Office of Academic Affairs sends out instructions for submitting requests to increase non-mandatory fees for the following academic year.