Research Initiatives

Recruiting STAR Faculty

The Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention (STARs) Program provides funding to help UT System institutions attract and retain the best qualified faculty.

Encouraging Research Collaborations

  • In 2005, UT System and Sandia National Laboratories announced a memorandum of understanding that called for increased interactions and collaborations between individual staff, faculty, and students at Sandia and UT System academic and health institutions. The MOU also provides in-state tuition benefits to Sandia employees and their dependents.
  • UT System and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (also known as CONACYT) have partnered to develop new academic and research programs. The agreement will enable joint academic programs to be developed in STEM fields.

Office of Talent and Innovation

Faculty and students across the UT System work with professionals in industry and technology commercialization to translate research findings into new applications and tools. The Office of Talent and Innovation aids institutions in commercializing research output that result in significant societal, cultural, and commercial value.


UT Digital Library

The University of Texas System Digital Library (UTSDL) consortia comprises The University of Texas academic and medical institutions.

Complementing the collective strengths of the UT Institution Libraries with online scholarly resources and expanding support for their institutions' services and programs.