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Proposing New Degree Programs

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Forms and Procedures for New Degree Programs

Please submit proposals for new degree programs to the Academic Affairs Proposal Intake Form
For additional information or questions about degree programs, please contact Dr. Kevin Lemoine at or Dr. Emma Gelsinger at 

UT System Degree Proposal Tracking 

The UT System Office of Academic Affairs system for tracking proposals prior to submission to the THECB. (Proposal Tracking Archive)

THECB Degree Proposal Tracking

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Proposal Tracking System that allows universities to view the progress of completed proposals undergoing THECB review.

Planning Notification

The Coordinating Board requires planning notification to be reviewed by the Board at one of its quarterly meetings, for the following types of degree programs:

Planning Notification must be submitted at least one year prior to submission of a proposal to offer the degree if the proposed program would be a program leading to the award of a "professional degree," as defined by Texas Education Code 61.306, including Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), and Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.).

  • Engineering programs at any level (baccalaureate, master's, doctoral): Planning notification may be made in the form of a letter (submitted through the proposal intake) to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs that includes the title, level, CIP code, and brief description of the program, along with the anticipated date of submission of the full proposal.

New Certificate, Bachelor's, or Master's Degree Programs

Complete the appropriate THECB application form found on the Certificate Requests page. New certificate requests may be submitted directly to the THECB.

For new bachelor's and master's programs, complete both the Full Request Form and the Certification Form. Submit the completed form(s) to the Academic Affairs Proposal Intake Form for Office of Academic Affairs.

Creating degree programs using existing courses and resources: If a department would like to create a new degree program that does not require additional courses, faculty, or financial resources, you may submit the Certification Form only. It is recommended that campuses reach out to the Office of Academic Affairs prior to submitting these types of requests to determine what information will be needed about the proposed program.

New Doctoral Programs

To propose a new doctoral program:

  1. Complete the THECB application form found on the New Program Requests page.
  2. Complete the Budget Analysis Template, the Budget Analysis Narrative and the Doctoral Graduates Survey found below and include them in the application form.
  3. Submit proposals to the Office of Academic Affairs proposal intake.

Requests Requiring Board of Regents Approval

Requests must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs at least three and a half months before the Board of Regents meeting. This includes proposals for new doctoral programs. OAA staff will make every effort to review the request in time for the next Board meeting.

Board of Regents Meeting Proposals Due No Later Than
November August 1
February November 1
May February 1
August May 1

Regents' Rules related to academic programs include:

Related THECB guidelines and procedures are available via the link below.