Superintendent Certification

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Program Overview

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) offers four courses leading to superintendent certification for advanced candidates. Each 4-credit course includes a field-based experience/practicum component to ensure candidates have a thoroughly developed professional portfolio upon completion of the program. The program prepares candidates for superintendent certification in Texas, and courses are aligned with the SBEC (State Board for Educator Certification) Superintendent Competencies and national ELCC (Educational Leadership Constituent Council) leadership standards.

Program candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of a master's program;
  • Successful completion of Principal/Mid-Management Certification;
  • Employed by a public school district, or demonstrate access to a public school district.

The online courses will be highly interactive and will maximize opportunities for productive participation. Faculty who have superintendent and central office leadership experiences in districts of various size will teach the courses.

Among the instructional methods utilized for the online courses will include:

  • Problem-based learning and action research projects;
  • Professional portfolio development;
  • Critiques of relevant research;
  • Peer review of educational leadership resources;
  • Integration of field experiences supervised by practicing Superintendents in collaboration with university professors.

Among the educational benefits will be:

  • Preparation of quality superintendents who demonstrate mastery of learner-centered leadership standards endorsed by the major state and national accrediting agencies (i.e., SBEC and ELCC/NCATE);
  • Effective preparation for passage of state Superintendent certification or licensure exams;
  • Development of an online repository of effective and practical resources for superintendents.

Many Superintendent Certification courses are open to cross-campus enrollment. Check with your academic advisor prior to registering for any of these courses to ensure that they apply toward your degree program.

To view Superintendent Certification program courses currently open for cross-campus enrollment, go the Student Portal Course Schedule and select Superintendent Certificate (UTOPS) from the Finish@UT Program menu, or search for a specific course name/number. UT Permian Basin students should refer to the UTPB Course Schedule and register directly through your home campus.


Getting Started

To participate in Superintendent Certification program, you must apply to and be accepted by UT Permian Basin. Information regarding admission requirements and more can be found on the Educational Leadership program program page.

Refer to the Student Support section of our website for additional information on cross-campus registration, course access and campus contacts.


Institution and Advisor

UT Permian Basin

Certificate Awarded: Superintendent Certification

Program Contact:

Dr. Jessica Garrett-Staib, Chair - Education Leadership and Counseling

(432) 488-7118 |

or, email the College of Education Graduate Advising office


Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits are required to complete the program?

The program consists of four (4-credit) courses for a total of 16 credits.


How much will it cost?

Students are billed by UTPB for courses. Links to campus tuition and fee information can be found on the Tuition, Payments & Financial Aid page.


Are all courses online?

Courses will be offered predominantly online, but will include a field-based experience/practicum component.


How can I find more information?

Reach out to the program contacts above if you have additional questions about the program.