BAT in Health Services Technology

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This degree completion program, offered by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), is designed for graduates with Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees in the Allied Health and Nursing fields.


Degree Requirements

The BAT in Health Services Technology degree requires the completion of 120 credits*, composed of:

  1. Completion of an AAS degree in health-related field (36 credits)
  2. Completion of the General Education Core Curriculum (42 credits)
  3. Health Services Professional Core (30 credits)
  4. Health Services Technology Electives (12 credits) 

This degree is not designed to prepare practitioners for professional certification in a new field. It is designed to build on a career developed at the AAS-level by adding skills in leadership and management, or teaching in secondary and post-secondary education. Flexibility in course selection should allow students to design a meaningful degree plan that will accomplish their career enhancement goals.

*Many General Education Core Curriculum, Health Services Professional Core and Health Services Electives courses are offered by Finish@UT. Check with your program advisor prior to registering for any of these courses to ensure that they apply toward your degree program.

To view program courses currently open for cross-campus enrollment, go to the Student Portal Course Schedule and select Applied Technology-Health Services (BAT-HST) from the Finish@UT Program menu, or search for a specific course name/number. UTRGV students should refer to the UTRGV Course Schedule and register directly through your home campus.


Getting Started

To participate in the program, students must apply to and be accepted by UTRGV. Find more details on how to apply on UTRGV's Undergraduate Admissions website. Students currently pursuing an approved AAS program at another institution should first consult their technical field advisors at their institution if interested in coordinating AAS requirements with UTRGV's BAT-HST requirements.

Admitted students will be assigned an advisor, who will assist in finalizing the appropriate degree plan. 

Non-degree seeking students without an allied health background who wish to take a program course may do so, but should recognize that these courses are designed for students with an allied health background. Please check course prerequisites and contact the program advisor for assistance in choosing appropriate courses.

Refer to the Student Support section of our website for additional information on admissions, registration and course access.


Participating Institution and Advisor

UT Rio Grande Valley 

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Applied Technology in Health Services Technology

Program Advisor:

Kim Garcia, Lecturer

(956) 665-4781 |


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to visit the campus?

Students will not be required to attend the campus at any time.

How much will it cost?

Students are billed by UTRGV for courses. Links to campus tuition and fee information can be found on UTRGV's BAT in Health Services Technology webpage.

How can I find more information?

Contact the program advisor listed above for additional information about the program.