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Cultivating Charitable Food System and Health Care Partnerships Across Texas

Recognizing the impact of food insecurity on their patients’ health, innovative healthcare systems are partnering with food banks to facilitate their patients’ access to healthy foods. The charitable food system is also working to cultivate such partnerships.  The purpose of this project is to further support the implementation and expansion of health care and charitable food system partnerships in Texas by learning from existing partnerships, convening current and potential partners, and developing a framework to guide implementation and evaluation of these partnerships. This project builds on the recently-completed THIN project on healthcare and social care integration.

Timeframe: January – December 2020

Healthier Texas Summit Series

We're in the process of finalizing plans for the 2021 Healthier Texas Summit, which is being held in October of this year. Last year's Summit was transformed into an ongoing series. Every week through from June through October there were new virtual sessions and chances to connect digitally with health champions around Texas. All sessions were free to attend. The Summit concluded with a keynote from Dr. Sandro Galea, physician, epidemiologist, author, and dean and Robert A. Knox Professor at Boston University School of Public Health. To view recorded sessions, visit the Summit website