UTS 105 Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Policy

Sec. 1 Policy Statement.

It is the Policy of The University of Texas System to strive to maintain an educational and work environment free from impermissible discrimination. In addition to compliance with all applicable federal and State laws and regulations, no person is to be subject to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation regarding admissions, employment, or access to programs, facilities, or services of the U. T. System. External users of U. T. System facilities should also be encouraged to adhere to principles of fair treatment and equal opportunity except as otherwise authorized by laws or governmental regulations.

Sec. 2 Affirmation.

This policy affirms the commitment of the U. T. System to equal opportunity and is issued pursuant to Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Rule 10701.

Sec. 3 Claims of Discrimination.

Allegations of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation will be handled in the same manner as claims of discrimination on any other basis and should be included in any institutional rules and regulations developed or amended.

Policy Details

Responsible Office(s)

Human Resources

Date Approved

Dates Amended or Reviewed