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UTSaver TSA 403(b) - Traditional & Roth

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Contributing to the UTSaver Tax-Sheltered Annuity Program can significantly reduce your current taxes and help you save for retirement. Contributions are conveniently taken by payroll deduction.


All employees of the UT System are eligible to participate in the UTSaver TSA.

Roth vs. Traditional

You may contribute to the UTSaver TSA with pre-tax ("Traditional") or post-tax ("Roth") payroll deductions. Depending on your personal financial situation, it may be beneficial for you to choose one contribution strategy over the other. View a comparison between Traditional, Roth 403(b), and Roth IRA contributions (PDF). For additional information, please consult your investment or financial advisor.


  1. Contact your Benefits Office and request a calculation of your contribution limit.
  2. Review and select a provider(s) from the list of authorized providers. You may select more than one provider for your UTSaver TSA participation.
  3. Log onto UTRetirement Manager and click on the TSA Enroll/Change page.
    UTRetirement Manager
  4. Complete an account application(s) with the provider(s) you have selected.


You can contribute as little as $15 per month or as much as 100% of your eligible compensation up to $19,500 (for 2021) in the UTSaver TSA, (Traditional and Roth combined). There are also two catch up provisions:

  • Age 50 Catch up: If you are age 50 or older, you may contribute an additional $6,500.
  • 15 Years of Service Catch up: If you have 15 years of UT System service, and your previous deferrals in the UTSaver TSA have averaged less than $5,000 per year, you may defer up to an additional $3,000. The additional deferral may not exceed a lifetime maximum of $15,000. Eligibility for the amount you can contribute under this catch-up provision must be calculated by your Benefits Office.

Your UTSaver Deferred Compensation Plan contributions do not affect the total amount you are able to defer under the UTSaver TSA.