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Premium Sharing for Retired Employees

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Retired Employees

Premium Sharing

As a retired employee, UT and the State of Texas will pay 100% of your premiums for the basic coverage package, and up to 50% of the premiums for your dependents' medical coverage. You are responsible for all optional coverage premiums.

If you are a benefits-eligible retired employee with coverage under another group health plan and elect to waive the basic coverage package you are eligible to use 50% of the state premium sharing to purchase Dental and/or Vision Coverage. If you waive, you will not be enrolled in Basic Group Life Insurance or be eligible for the Living Well Program as those are a part of the Basic Coverage Package.

Basic Coverage Package

UT Benefits includes the following basic coverage package for eligible retired employees:

Optional Coverage

You may select the following Optional Coverage(s) for yourself and your eligible dependents, unless stated otherwise: