Texas Microcredentials

Illustration of a badge outline with the UT System logo at the top, and the text over a ribbon "Microcredential Innovator"

With funding from the Strada Education Foundation’s Beyond Completion Challenge grant, the Office of Academic Affairs collaborated with Skyepack, an elearning company to create a 4-week online primer course on microcredentials. This course was developed to help prepare faculty and staff find new ways to embed industry-recognized microcredentials within academic courses and experiences to help UT students be better prepared for the world of work. 

The course will shift to a self-paced course and any UT faculty or staff member from will be able to begin the course starting in Fall 2023. Please use this link to register for the course

The Office of Academic Affairs would like to recognize the following faculty and staff who completed the microcredential course in Summer 2023 or Summer 2023:

UT Austin
Linda Dickens linda.dickens@austin.utexas.edu Accreditation Liaison, Strategic Academic Initiatives 2023
Morgan Ginther morgan.ginther@austin.utexas.edu Project Coordinator, Provost's Office 2023
Robert Vega r.vega@austin.utexas.edu Deputy Director, Texas Career Engagement 2023
Komal Gandhi komal.gandhi@austin.utexas.edu Education Program Manager 2023
Eric Busch Eric.Busch@austin.utexas.edu Director of Online Programs, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences 2023
Gayle Timmerman gtimmerman@mail.utexas.edu Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, School of Nursing 2023
J.E. Johnson jjohnson@texasperformingarts.org Assistant Professor of Practice, Design, and Technology 2023
Shelly Furness rachelle.furness@utexas.austin.edu Instructional Designer, Moody College of Communication 2023
Mary Crawford mary.crawford@austin.utexas.edu Director, Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence, Moody College of Communication 2022
Leanne Field field@austin.utexas.edu Clinical Professor, School of Human Ecology 2022
Karen French kdfrench@austin.utexas.edu Associate Director, Office of Instructional Innovation, College of Education 2022
Cynthia Labrake labrake@austin.utexas.edu Professor of Instruction, Biology Instruction Office 2022
Matt Mangum matt.mangum@austin.utexas.edu Director, Faculty Technology Studio Cockrell School of Engineering 2022
Javier Motta-Mena javier@austin.utexas.edu Informational Technology Specialist, McCombs School of Business 2022
John St. Lawrence jes@austin.utexas.edu Senior Adminstrative Associate, College of Liberal Arts 2022
John Turci-Escobar turci-escobar@austin.utexas.edu Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts 2022
Dhivya Arasappan darasappan@austin.utexas.edu Research Scientist, Center for Biomedical Research Support 2022
Christopher Ruggeri cruggeri@utexas.edu Events Program Coordinator, Cockrell School of Engineering 2022
Amanda Vines amanda.vines@utexas.edu Assistant Professor of Instruction, Biology Instruction Office 2022
Veronica Young youngv@austin.utexas.edu Director, Center for Health Interprofessional Practice and Education 2022


UT Arlington
Martha Walvoord walvoord@uta.edu Professor of Music 2023
Ann Eckhardt ann.eckhardt@uta.edu Interim Chair of Graduate Nursing, Clinical Professor of Graduate Nursing 2023
Robin Macaluso robin.macaluso@uta.edu Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2023
Masoud Rostami Masoud.rostami@uta.edu Assistant Professor of Instruction 2023
Kimberly Tate kimberly.tate@uta.edu Registrar 2023
Hannah Lebovits hannah.lebovits@uta.edu Assistant Professor, Public Affairs and Planning 2023
Lolin Martins-Crane lolin.martinscrane@uta.edu Director, Career Development Center 2023
Hugh Kellam hugh.kellam@uta.edu Assistant Professor, College of Education 2023
Young-tae Kim, BE ykim@uta.edu Associate Professor, Bioengineering 2023
Rosie Kallie, IMSE rosie.kallie@uta.edu Associate Professor of Instruction, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering 2023
Chien Le chien.le@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor, Marketing 2023
Barbara Berthold barbara.berthold@uta.edu Assistant Chair, Department of Modern Languages, Senior Lecturer of German 2023
Rebecca Deen deen@uta.edu Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of Political Science 2022
Karen Magruder karen.magruder@uta.edu Assistant Professor In Practice of Social Work 2022
Diann Maurer diann.maurer@uta.edu Instructional Designer 2022
Cheryl Prachyl cheryl.prachyl@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting 2022
Amber Smallwood amber.smallwood@uta.edu Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Planning and Policy and Professor of Public Affairs and Planning 2022
Ivonne Audirac audirac@uta.edu Associate Professor of Public Affairs & Planning 2022
Paul Componation componation@uta.edu Associate Dean and Professor of Industrial Engineering 2022
Kathy Daniel kdaniel@uta.edu Associate Dean and Professor of Nursing 2022
Amir Farbin afarbin@uta.edu Professor of Physics 2022
Taylor Kessner taylor.kessner@uta.edu Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction 2022
Fernando Melero-Garcia fernando.melerogarcia@uta.edu Assistant Professor of Modern Languages 2022
Heather Philip heather.philip@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing 2022
Pete Smith psmith@uta.edu Chief Analytics Officer and Professor of Modern Languages 2022


UT Dallas
Travis Goode Travis.Goode@utdallas.edu Assistant Director of Public Services 2023
Richard Golden golden@utdallas.edu Professor of Cognitive Science, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2023
Meg Flanigan margaret.flanigan@utdallas.edu Professor of Instruction, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Assistant Dean of Assessment and Curriculum 2023
James Harrington James.Harrington@utdallas.edu Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management 2023
Elizabeth Searing Elizabeth.Searing@UTDallas.edu Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management 2023
Katherine Brown Katherine.Brown@utdallas.edu Associate Professor of Instruction, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of BioEngineering 2023
Ben Porter Ben.Porter@utdallas.edu Associate Professor of Instruction, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of BioEngineering 2023
Penny Jiang qxj130030@utdallas.edu Program Manager, Naveen Jindal School of Management 2023
Julie Haworth haworth@utdallas.edu Assistant Professor of Instruction, Marketing, Director, BS Marketing, Naveen Jindal School of Management 2023


Magda Grohman mggrohman@utdallas.edu Associate Director/Lecturer 2022  
Sylena Measles Sylena.Measles@utdallas.edu Instructional Designer 2022  
Mark Rosen mxr088000@utdallas.edu Associate Dean 2022  
Roopa Vinay roopa@utdallas.edu eLearning Manager 2022  
Qin Fang qfang@utdallas.edu eLearning Associate Director 2022  
Mark McKinney mark.mckinney@utdallas.edu Associate Professor of Instruction 2022  
Debbie Pfister dhpf@utdallas.edu Research Assistant Professor 2022  


UT El Paso
Rolando Nunez jrnunez2@utep.edu Director of MBA Programs, Woody L. Hunt College of Business 2023
Selfa Chew-Melendez sachewsmithart@utep.edu Associate Dean of Undegraduate Studies for the College of Liberal Arts 2023
Stacy Wagovich sawagovich@utep.edu Associate Dean, Academic and Fculty Affairs, College of Health Sciences 2023
Jesus Cicneros jcisneros7@utep.edu Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations 2023
Luisa Arvizu lruizmendoza@utep.edu Assistant Director, Center for Community Engagement 2023
Jeffrey Olimpo jtolimpo@utep.edu Director, Center for Faculty Leadership and Development 2023
Jennifer Lujan jmlujan@utep.edu Director, Center for Community Engagement 2023
Eric MacDonald emac@utep.edu Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 2023
Zifeng Feng zfeng@utep.edu Assistant Professor of Finance 2022
Terry Quezada tquezada2@utep.edu Assistant Professor of Practice, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Director of online certificate in Technical and Professional Writing 2022
Lori Torres lorit@utep.edu Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Laboratory Sciences 2022
Ximena Burgos xburgos@utep.edu Assistant Professor of Instruction in Public Health Sciences 2022
Eric Devos hdevos@utep.edu Professor of Economics and Finance, Associate Dean for Faculty, Research, and Graduate Programs 2022
Bruce Friedman bdfriedman@utep.edu Endowed Professor in Health Sciences 2022
Jorge Lopez jorgelopez@utep.edu Professor of Physics 2022
Faith Xie fxie@utep.edu Professor of Finance, Associate Dean College of Business 2022


UT Permian Basin
Ana Martinez-Catsam martinez_a@utpb.edu Professor, History Department Chair 2023
Evelyn  Gordon gordon_e@utpb.edu Interim Academic Department Chair and Clinical Asistant Professor, Department of Human Performance 2023
Ahmed  Kamel kamel_a@utpb.edu Associate Professor, College of Engineering 2023
Pinyarat Sirisomboonsuk sirisomboonsuk_p@utpb.edu Assistant Professor of Management, College of Business 2023
Maribea Merritt merritt_m@utpb.edu Director, Career Services 2023
Melissa Brumley brumley_m@utpb.edu Instructional Designer 2022
Scott Campbell campbell_sc@utpb.edu Instructional Designer 2022
Melissa Coulter coulter_m@utpb.edu Instructional Designer 2022
Lili Gai gai_l@utpb.edu Faculty 2022
Rekedda Williams williams_r@utpb.edu Instructional Designer 2022
Sebahattin Ziyanak ziyanak_s@utpb.edu Faculty 2022
Denise Dunne dunne_d@utpb.edu Faculty 2022


UT Rio Grande Valley
Aldo Salinas aldo.salinas@utrgv.edu Systems Analyst III, Office of Curriculum and Institutional Assessment 2023
Claudia Garica claudia.garcia@utrgv.edu Program Manager, Professional Education & Workforce Development 2023
Friederike Bruehoefener friederike.bruehoefener@utrgv.edu Interim Director, School of Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Engagement, College of Liberal Arts 2023
Timothy Huber timothy.huber@utrgv.edu Associate Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences, College of Sciences 2023
Patty Feria teresa.feriaarroyo@utrgv.edu Professor of Biology, College of Sciences 2023
Cristina Villalobos cristina.villalobos@utrgv.edu Director of the Center of Excellence in STEM Education 2023
Maysam Pournik maysam.pournik@utrgv.edu Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science 2023
Douglas Timmer douglas.timmer@utrgv.edu Professor in Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering 2023
Robert Jones robert.jones@utrgv.edu Professor and Interim Associate Chair for Information and Engineering Systems 2023
Jessica Sanchez jessica.m.sanchez@utrgv.edu Associate Director, Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology 2023
Leticia Villarreal Sosa leticia.villarrealsosa@utrgv.edu Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, School of Social Work 2023
Nick Dimakis nicholas.dimakis@utrgv.edu Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Sciences 2023
Sanjeev Kumar sj.kumar@utrgv.edu Professor, Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science 2023
Art Brownlow art.brownlow@utrgv.edu Professor of Music and Senior Fellow for Academic Innovation 2022
Antonia Saldivar antonia.saldivar01@utrgv.edu Instructional Design Manager 2022
Colin Charlton Colin.charlton@utrgv.edu Professor/Chair Department of Writing & Language Studies 2022
Robert Dearth Robert.dearth@utrgv.edu Professor/Chair Department of Biology 2022
Ron Garza Ron.garza@utrgv.edu AVP Workforce & Economic Development 2022
Jason Mitchell Jason.mitchell@utrgv.edu Lecturer/Advising Coordinator School of Music 2022


UT San Antonio
Luca Pozzi luca.pozzi@utsa.edu Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology 2023
Jill Fleuriet jill.fleuriet@utsa.edu Vice Provost for Honors Education 2023
Joo Ong anson.ong@utsa.edu Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering 2023
Jill Ford jill.ford@utsa.edu Assistant Dean, Director of Student Success, College of Engineering and Integrated Design 2023
John Shaffer john.shaffer@utsa.edu Associate Director for Student Success & Professional Development 2023
Shakira Flores john.shaffer@utsa.edu Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics 2023
Jessica Avitia jessica.avitia@utsa.edu Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning Experiences 2023
Alexia Cormier alexia.cormier@utsa.edu Instructional Development Specialist 2023
Rachel Elliot rachel.elliott@utsa.edu Teaching & Learning Consultant 2023
Elliot Schraer elliot.schraer@utsa.edu Graduate Assistant 2023
Madhumita Joshi madhumita.joshi@utsa.edu Director of PostDoctoral Success, Graduate School 2023
Erica Wallace erica.wallace@utsa.edu Assistant Professor of Practice, Public Health 2023
Vittorio Marone vittorio.marone@utsa.edu Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Learning, Design, and Technology Program in the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching 2023
Sidury Christiansen sidury.christiansen@utsa.edu Associate Professor of TESOL/Applied Linguistics and Coordinator of the MA-TESL Program 2023
Andrea Aleman andrea.aleman@utsa.edu Assistant Professor of Practice, Political Science and Geography 2023
Sue Hum sue.hum@utsa.edu Professor, English 2023
Seok Kang seok.kang@utsa.edu Professor, Director of Digital Initiatives, Communication 2023
Ryan McPherson ryan.mcpherson@utsa.edu Associate Professor of Practice, Communication 2023
Debra Pena debra.pena@utsa.edu Director of the Writing Program, Associate Professor of Instruction 2023
Mayra Collins Mayra.Collins@utsa.edu Instructional Design Manager, Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation 2022
Alberto Cordova Alberto.Cordova@utsa.edu Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology 2022
Terri Matiella Terri.Matiella@utsa.edu Assistant Dean for Remote Instruction, College of Sciences, Assistant Chair and Professor of Instruction, Department of Integrative Biology 2022
Jude Okpala Jude.Okpala@utsa.edu Professor of Instruction, Department of Philosophy and Classics 2022
Sara Oswalt Sara.Oswalt@utsa.edu Chair and Professor, Department of Public Health 2022
Marcela Ramirez Marcela.Ramirez@utsa.edu Associate Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation 2022
Elyse Ramirez Elyse.Ramirez@utsa.edu Lead Learning Experience Designer, Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation 2022
Claudia Arcolin Claudia.Arcolin@utsa.edu Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Experiences, Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation 2022
Jonathan Gutierrez Jonathan.Gutierrez@utsa.edu Associate Director of Digital Transformation Initiatives and Strategy, Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation 2022
Rita Mitra Rita.Mitra@utsa.edu Associate Professor of Practice, Information Systems and Cyber Security 2022
Michael Rushforth Michael.Rushforth@utsa.edu Assistant Chair and Professor of Instruction, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures 2022


UT Tyler
Mark Sidey msidey@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Instruction, Literature and Languages 2023
Tara Propper tpropper@uttyler.edu Assistant Professor of English, Literature and Languages 2023
Leah Velarde lvelarde@uttyler.edu Career Success Coach, College of Nursing and Health Sciences 2023
Miriam Rowntree mrowntree@uttyler.edu Assistant Professor of Instruction, Literature and Languages 2023
Matthew Kelly mkelly@uttyler.edu Assistant Professor of English, Literature and Languages 2023
June  Oh joh@uttyler.edu Assistant Professor in English and Digital Studies,  2023
Mary Helen Fagan mfagan@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Management 2023
Rosemary Cooper rcooper@uttyler.edu Executive Director of Career Success 2023
Travis Carter travis.carter@uttyler.edu IT Support Partner, UT Tyler School of Medicine 2023
Stephen Myers stephenmyers@uttyler.edu Instructional Designer II, Office of Digital Learning 2023
Kenneth Bryant kbryant@uttyler.edu Assistant Professor of Political Science 2022
Emily Davidson edavidson@uttyler.edu Digital Support Specialist 2022
Scott Dillingham sdillingham@uttyler.edu Director of Office of Digital Learning 2022
Richard (Rick) Helfers rhelfers@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 2022
Rochell McWhorter rmcwhorter@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Human Resource Development 2022
Colin Snider csnider@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of History 2022
Marcus Stadelmann mstadelmann@uttyler.edu Professor of Political Science; Chair of Political Science and History 2022
Danielle Bailey dbailey@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 2022
Jill (Nikki) Carter jcarter@uttyler.edu Lecturer of History 2022
Amy Hayes ahayes@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Psychology; Chair of Psychology & Counseling 2022
Paul Roberts proberts@uttyler.edu   2022
Katherine (Katie) Stone kstone@uttyler.edu Director of QEP 2022
Jennifer Wooldridge jwooldridge@uttyler.edu Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 2022