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The Texas economy is booming. The Lone Star State has remained the fastest growing state in America over the past decade and leads the nation in job growth and economic development. That’s the good news, but it comes with the caveat that workforce projections show demand for certain occupations and skills will soon outpace statewide supply in Texas. As the largest university system in the state, the University of Texas System is taking a leadership role in closing the gap between the demand and supply for qualified workers.

“UT’s institutions are finding innovative ways to ensure that educational offerings fit the needs of employers in order to equip our graduates for competitive job opportunities immediately upon graduation, while also reskilling and upskilling non-traditional students.”
– UT System Chancellor James B. Milliken

Recognizing the growing demand for short-term credentials among employers and education consumers, the UT System launched its Texas Credentials for the Future initiative in 2021 to expand offerings across UT’s academic institutions. Microcredentials embedded into bachelor’s degree programs and undergraduate experiences at UT institutions help college graduates distinguish their education and talent with in-demand, industry-recognized skills. Similarly, these credentials are helping our alumni and working adult professionals stay relevant in the workforce.


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Kelvin Bentley, Ph.D.
Program Manager-Texas Credentials for the Future


UT System and Coursera launch the most comprehensive industry-recognized microcredential program in the country

The UT System has expanded its industry microcredential program with a goal of preparing every interested student at UT academic campuses – as well as faculty, staff and alumni – for the state’s workforce demands at no extra cost to them. Today, students, faculty, staff and alumni from across UT’s nine academic campuses have access to the Career Academy on Coursera, which includes more than 35 entry-level Professional Certificates from leading companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce. This is the most extensive industry-recognized microcredential program from a U.S. university system — and at no cost.

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UT System becomes higher education’s largest ‘Grow with Google’ partner

Through Google’s largest university partnership to date and with the support of Coursera, UT institutions will embed Google career certificates into undergraduate degree programs and co-curricular experiences with options to receive university credit at no additional cost to students. These career certificates will serve as an important tool in positioning UT graduates for high-quality, in-demand jobs.

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Strada awards $1.5 million grant in support of Texas Credentials for the Future

With funding support from the Strada Education Foundation, UT institutions are positioning its graduates for success and professional growth in the modern job market. Pairing a bachelor’s degree with a workplace relevant microcredential leads to graduates who are both broadly educated and specifically skilled – a winning combination for students and employers.

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WORKCRED REPORT: Integrating microcredentials into undergraduate experiences

Workcred partnered with the UT System to explore the benefits of adding a microcredential to a bachelor’s degree.

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Each UT institution is unique in how it participates in Texas Credentials for the Future. Discover the details of how students may pursue beneficial microcredential opportunities at each campus by clicking the university tiles below.

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