An annual "Innovations in Health Science Education" conference is sponsored by the six health science campuses within The University of Texas System. Each meeting includes nationally-recognized invited speakers together with local participants. Although organized and sponsored by The University of Texas System, all those interested in health science education are invited to attend.


The 2024 Innovations in Health Science Education

Annual Conference has concluded


University of Texas Systems Kenneth I. Shine MD, Academy of Health Science Education

2024 Innovations in Health Science Education Conference

Feb 22-23, 2024 in Austin, Texas

Conference Theme: The Many Dimensions of Mentorship: Education, Career, Scholarship, Well-being, and Beyond

Meeting Schedule - Only first authors are listed

Abstract Booklet Part 1 - Poster sessions and oral abstract presentations. All authors listed.

Abstract Booklet Part 2 - Workshops, small groups, etc. All authors listed.

Workshop Powerpoint - "What Role Does Creativity Play in Academic Medicine?" Vineeth John

Awards and Induction - Powerpoint used in the Awards and Induction ceremony

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  • October 2004 - 1st Annual Conference "Undergraduate Medical Education"
  • October 2005 - 2nd Annual Conference "Competencies and Professionalism in Medical Education"
  • October 2006 - 3rd Annual Conference "The Innovation Imperative"
  • October 2007 - 4th Annual Conference "Faculty Development and Translational Research"
  • May 2009 - 5th Annual Conference no title provided
  • February 2010 - 6th Annual Conference "Finding the Time, Finding the Money: Improving the Efficiency & Quality of Health Care Education"
  • May 2011 - 7th Annual Conference "The Innovation Imperative"
  • February 2012 - 8th Annual Conference "Assessing Students in Health Science Education – How We Teach; How They Learn"
  • February 2013 - 9th Annual Conference "Sustaining a Highly Productive Academic Environment: Raising the Priority for Mentoring"
  • February 2014 - 10th Annual Conference "Online Learning: New Frontiers & New Faces"
  • February 2015 - 11th Annual Conference "Integrating the Patient Perspective: An Imperative for Educational Research and Innovation"
  • February 2016 - 12th Annual Conference "Caring for Ourselves so We Can Care for Others"
  • February 2017 - 13th Annual Conference "Why We Do This: Reflecting on the Joy of Teaching"
  • February 2018 - 14th Annual Conference "CHANGE: Not Just Surviving, Thriving!"
  • February 2019 - 15th Annual Conference 
  • February 2020 - 16th Annual Conference "Celebrate Education"
  • February 2021 - 17th Annual Conference "Pivoting to Transform Health Science Education: How We Learned to Teach During a Pandemic"
  • March 2023 - 19th Annual Conference "Diversity, Collaboration, And Opportunities In Current Health Science Education"
  • February 2024 - 20th Annual Conference "The Many Dimensions of Mentorship: Education, Career, Scholarship, Well-being, and Beyond"