Executive Committee

FY 2019 Executive Committee
FY 2019 Executive Committee
Paige Beuchley, Shannone Rios, Lisa Smith (missing from picture: Jeannie Farahnak, Michael Aldape)

The Executive Committee membership is composed of the EAC Chair, Past Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Historian. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for all meetings, recommends changes in the EAC Organization Guidelines or procedures, and provides overall and general guidance and direction for the EAC. Additionally, the Executive Committee serves as an information resource and sounding board for the Chancellor on issues of importance to UT System Employees.

Executive Committee for Fiscal Year 2019:

Shannon Rios (UT San Antonio), Chair
ph: 210.458.2143

Paige Beuchley (UT System Administration), Past Chair
ph: 512.499.4756

Jeannie Farahnak (UT Austin), Vice Chair
ph: 512.475.7140

Lisa Smith (UT Rio Grande Valley), Secretary
ph: 956.665.7098

Michael Aldape (UT Rio Grande Valley), Historian
ph: 956.882.8960

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees may be appointed to assist the EAC with its work. These committees may include institution officers or employees who are not EAC representatives; however, the chair of the ad hoc committee must be a current EAC representative. The organization and constituency of ad hoc committees will be determined by the nature of the task.

FY 2019  Ad Hoc Committees

Communications/One System One Voice

One System One Voice Committee

Valerie Buchanan
Tilly Clark
Christian Corrales
Latoya Oduniyi
Tricia White-Rhemtulla
Michael Aldape (Exec Liaison)

Staff Recognition

Recognition Committee

Paula Austell (Chair)
Sally Bouis
Tracey Faulkinbury
David Gonzalez
Moshmee Kalamkar
Brenda Timmons
Lisa Smith (Exec Liaison)

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Committee

Lettie Longoria
Peggye Mahfood
Dawn Melton
Jeff Meserve
Kathy Murphy
Vanessa Ramos
Jeannie Farahnak (Exec Liaison)

Advancing Diversity and Equality in Leadership

Advancing Diversity and Equality in Leadership Committee

Naomi Emmett
Isabel Erives
Jean Grove
Natalina Martinez
Nyma Shah
Truc Phuong Tran
Venetta Williams
Shannon Rios (Exec Liaison)