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The University of Texas System Career Exploration Network expands Ph.D. student and Postdoctoral trainee career preparation and exploration by:

  • providing personal and professional development

  • showcasing prospective career options

  • facilitating personalized professional connections

The program is entirely virtual and includes three elements: (1) LinkedIn Profile Workshop, (2) Networking Preparation Session, and (3) Virtual Career Exploration Networking Events.






Seekers are either currently enrolled PhD students or active postdoctoral trainees attending one of the UT System Health Institutions. To get the most from the program, Seeker attendance and engagement is essential. Seeker Requirements: 

  • Attendance at the LinkedIn Profile Workshop

  • Attendance at 1 out of 2 Networking Preparation Sessions

  • Attendance at 2 out of 3 of the Virtual Career Exploration Networking Events


Guides are PhD-trained professionals with a minimum of 6-months professional experience. Guides can be alumni or friends of the UT System who are willing to share their experience and advice with science trainees from across the UT System. Guide Requirements:

  • Optional attendance at the Guide Peer Networking Connection event

  • Attendance at 1 or more Virtual Career Exploration Networking event


Program Details

The University of Texas System (UT) Career Exploration Network (CEN) uniquely leverages the size of the UT System to help facilitate personalized professional relationships. Throughout the program, Guides and Seekers can expect an engaging and nurturing environment centered around career exploration. Seekers will participate in a series of preparation events culminating in meetings with 4 different Guides. Events are scheduled during the lunch hour. Details:

  • Seeker LinkedIn Profile Workshop: Covers LinkedIn profile basics to develop a professional brand  

  • Seeker Networking Preparation Session: Offers tips and clarifies expectations for the subsequent virtual networking events  

  • Guide Peer Connection Event: Connects Guides with professional peers and clarifies expectations for the subsequent virtual networking events  

  • Seeker and Guide Virtual Career Exploration Networking Events: Provides tailored meetings with alumni and friends of the UT System to discuss careers and interests  

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Participating Institutions

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