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Coronavirus Leave Guide

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To the extent possible, we encourage the use of flexible work schedules to allow you to perform your job duties. If you are not able to perform your job duties, there are a variety of leave options based on the reason for leave. The Leave Guide below identifies reasons for leave (both related and unrelated to COVID-19) and informs you of the different leave types that you may use based on the different reasons. Not all employees will be eligible for all leave types, and not all leave types will be applicable or available for every reason.  The guide below also provides some additional detail regarding eligibility, entitlement, and how to request leave. Using the steps below, this guide will help to identify leave options specific to you. For assistance, please email

  1. Identify your Reason for requesting leave.
  2. Review the Applicable Leave associated with the identified Reason.
  3. Select the Applicable Leave best suited for you by considering the associated Entitlement.
  4. Refer to the How to Use instructions associated with the selected Applicable Leave.

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Updated 2/23/2021