Governmental Relations

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Welcome to the Office of Governmental Relations.

The mission of the University of Texas System Office of Governmental Relations (OGR) is to support The University of Texas System and the UT System Board of Regents in the pursuit of excellence in education, research, health care and service. OGR accomplishes this by communicating the priorities, goals and needs of the UT System and UT institutions and enhancing a greater understanding of higher education by the public and the federal, state and local government constituencies that we serve.

OGR serves as the primary liaison between the UT System Administration and Board of Regents and the Texas Legislature on a wide range of budget and policy issues and concerns that affect higher education and health care in Texas generally and the UT System institutions. OGR plays the same liaison role with Executive Branch officials and agencies of Texas state government and at times with local governments in Austin and around the state.

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