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Prescription Drug Plan - Active Employee

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If you are retired and Medicare-eligible, see more information here.

Your prescription drug benefits are a part of your UT SELECT Medical Plan and are administered by Express Scripts.

(does not apply to medical plan deductible) 

ACCESS OPTIONS  Generic Drug  Copayment Preferred Drug  Copayment Non-Preferred Drug  Copayment
Retail Network Pharmacy: 
Up to a 31-day supply. Refills allowed as prescribed. (good option for new prescriptions)
$10  $35  $50 
Home Delivery Pharmacy: 
Up to a 90-day supply. Refills allowed as prescribed.  
(best option for maintenance medication)
$20  $87.50  $125

If you purchase a preferred or non-preferred drug when a less expensive generic alternative drug is available, you must pay the difference between the cost of the brand name drug and the generic drug  plus the applicable generic copayment. This difference does NOT count toward your annual deductible. Sometimes the cost difference is quite large.

The generic, preferred, or non-preferred list of covered drugs is reviewed periodically resulting in changes to the prescription drug list throughout the year. If you are taking a medication that is affected by one of these changes, Express Scripts will mail a letter to your address on file to alert you of the change in benefits. Please refer to the Express Scripts website at or call Express Scripts Customer Service ( 1- 800-818-0155 ) for current information on specific medications.




Express Scripts CUSTOMER SERVICE  (800) 818-0155


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