Research Funding Report: FY 2019

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Each general academic institution and health related institution shall report, by December 1 of each year of the biennium, to the Legislative Budget Board and Governor, the following information:
(a) The amount of research funds awarded to the institution in the prior fiscal year, from appropriations made elsewhere in this Act, from the following, listed individually by source of funding: 1. Core Research Support; 2. Texas Research University Fund; 3. Comprehensive Research Fund; 4. Available National Research University Fund; 5. Texas Research Incentive Program; 6. Governor's University Research Initiative; and the 7. Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.
(b) For each individual award granted to an institution under programs listed in Subsection (a), the amount of funding, if any, provided to an institution from an external source as a matching award amount.

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Research Funding Report


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