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Executive Order RP-49 - January 2015

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By January 2015, each agency shall submit an Update to its Energy Conservation Plan to the Office of the Governor and Legislative Budget Board. This update shall, at a minimum, provide the following information. Additional required information has been submitted via SECO’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

FYE 2014 Metered Electricity, Water, Natural Gas

Recording and Reporting of Electricity, Water and Natural Gas:

“Notwithstanding any other law, a governmental entity responsible for payments forelectric, water, or natural gas utility services shall record in an electronic repository thegovernmental entity's metered amount of electricity, water, or natural gas consumed forwhich it is responsible to pay and the aggregate costs for those utility services. Thegovernmental entity shall report the recorded information on a publicly accessibleInternet website with an interface designed for ease of navigation if available, or atanother publicly accessible location.”


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State Agency Energy Savings Program