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Faculty and course data are for Fall 2009, Spring 2010 and Summer 2010, the most recent and complete academic year available.

Data Sources

Data are reported by the academic institutions to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in the CBM008 (faculty) and CBM004 (course)reports and reflect data collected on census date, 12th class day of the semester. At the 20th class day, any students who dropped from theuniversity are removed from the 12th day file, and the remaining students comprise the official census day data; students and faculty added after the12th class day are also not included in the census day file.

Course level data are reported in the CBM004 class report and are linked to the faculty member previously identified. Course level data include thenumber of students taught, the number of sections taught and an approximation of the number of semester credit hours (SCH) and weightedsemester credit hours. A responsibility factor for each faculty member is applied to the SCH and weighted SCH calculations. The responsibilityfactor equals the proportion of credit hour time the faculty member has with the students over the course of a semester in regularly scheduledmeetings. For example, if a professor team teaches a course, the responsibility factor might be 50% or some other percentage less than 100%.Weighted semester credit hours are calculated using the funding code (the discipline as defined by THECB), course level (lower division, upper division, Master’s etc.) and the 2010-11 weighting factors.


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