Safe Links implementation will improve System Administration email security

The UT System OTIS staff will be implementing Microsoft Safe Links to add another layer of protection to System Administration email. Safe Links re-writes links in email messages to apply protection when a link is clicked. If a link is determined to be harmful or suspicious, Microsoft blocks access to that link.

The feature applies to UT System email accessed using Outlook, whether using Outlook online or via the desktop/mobile application. Users will not immediately notice any changes for most email messages. Links will look like they usually do, but the hotlink will point to a web address.

Note that the Safe Links feature does not apply to UT System email accessed on personal mobile devices that use the native email client. Users must first download and use the Outlook app on their personal devices before having access to the protection offered by Safe Links.

As always, it is important to only click links in messages sent by a reliable and verified source. If the sender’s email address looks suspicious, or the message itself doesn’t look right, do not click the link. Safe Links provides extra protection but does not guarantee that all links are safe. To decode the links overwritten by Safe Links, use the following website:

The Safe Links feature will be implemented after business hours on Friday, November 20. More information is available on the OTIS SharePoint site.  Please contact the Help Desk (, 512-499-4357) if you have any questions.