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Branding guidelines for the University of Texas System

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Visual Style Guide

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The University of Texas System is an influential leader in higher education and research. As its ambassadors, our role is to communicate to external audiences in a professional and consistent manner across all communication points. These visual guidelines exist to help in crafting communications that are sophisticated and representative of the UT System Administration. Please use this styleguide as a reference during all aspects of the design and production of your communications efforts.

The UT System visual identity is much more than a seal/wordmark.

The UT System's visual system serves as a graphic identifier for the UT System Administration. The entire visual identity system is comprised of several elements that include: Seal/Wordmark, Illustrations, Photography, Typography, Color Palette, Templates and any other element used to visually communicate our messaging. Strategically and consistently applying the UT System's logo, layout themes, colors, etc., across many types of media is an important part of the branding process and helps to reinforce the UT System brand through visual identity.