Why have a digital ID?

A digital ID allows one to :

  • Digitally sign email messages and certain online forms
    • Authenticates the sender - one is sure who sent the message
    • It guarantees that messages are unaltered
    • A digital ID is considered a legal signature in the State of Texas
  • Encrypt email messages, including attachments, so that only intended recipients can view content
  • Have a single password for accessing ALL resources using digital IDs
  • Access, complete, and "sign" online forms, licenses and agreements that you are authorized to sign.

What is it?

  • A digital ID consists of a private/public key pair in which the public key is certified by a certification authority.
  • UT issues you this private/public key pair for usage in your role as a UT employee or UT student.
  • The certification authority "vouches" for the identity of the "owner".
  • The private key is kept secret by the owner. Only the owner should know the password to unlock the private key. However, your UT institution may escrow your private key with an escrow agent designated by that UT institution/entity. By obtaining your private/public key pair, you agree that such an escrow agent is acceptable to you.
  • The public key and attached certificate are publicly available.
  • The certificate is like a passport in that it identifies the person to whom the public key belongs.