New Report: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Primary Care and Social Service Integration in Texas

To improve the health and well-being of their patients, healthcare innovators are working to systematically screen patients for social, economic, or other non-healthcare needs and link them with appropriate services provided internally or through community partner organizations.

Seeking to support this movement, the Texas Health Improvement Network (THIN) conducted a 15-month project, funded by the Episcopal Health Foundation, to explore the current practice of healthcare and social care integration in Texas, identify key issues impacting adoption and sustainability, and develop recommendations to advance this work in Texas. Six Texas case studies were conducted, providing a qualitative snapshot of healthcare and social care integration activities in Texas. A two-day meeting of experts and leaders from within and outside Texas was convened for a deep dive into the subject of healthcare and social care integration. Panels discussed implementation practice, outcomes, and paths to sustainability.

The final report includes the case studies, recommendations, and an overview of the state of integration in Texas.  The case studies are also available as a separate document.  Videos of the sessions from the two-day meeting are viewable on YouTube.