The University of Texas System is committed to stewardship of the environment and promotion of the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability. In 2009 UT System developed UTS 169, Sustainability Practices Policy at the direction of the Board of Regents.   This policy directs all UT institutions to develop and adopt sustainable operational and maintenance practices to meet sustainability goals.  System Administration adopted such practices in October 2009.  The highlights of the plan addresses nine primary areas:

  • Energy and Water Efficiency practices
  • Alternative Energy Practices
  • Climate Protection Practices
  • Sustainable Transportation Practices
  • Waste and Recycling Management
  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Practices
  • High Performance Buildings
  • Sustainability Awareness Training, and
  • Community Outreach

For more information, contact Facilities Management at or 512-322-3760. University of Texas System employees may visit SharePoint for more details. 

Energy Management Program

What is Facilities Management doing about conservation?
Energy Management is now incorporated into all renovation plans- to date, UT System has qualified for over $10,000 in rebates by incorporating energy efficient design and construction. 

The University of Texas System Administration Complex had an estimated energy cost of $750,000 for fiscal year 2006-2007. The City of Austin encourages conservation by offering rebates for special projects.

Energy Management is a Win, Win endeavor

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces pollution
  • Creates a better work environment
  • Reduces maintenance costs and unexpected outages
  • Increases property values

Energy Management at Home

Pledging to change one or more standard light bulbs in your home to Energy Star rated compact flourescent lamps can save 141,000 kWh of electricity and prevent 204,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, one lamp at a time!

Clicking on the link below to go to the Energy Star website which contains helpful information and links to help you save energy at home.

Information from the EPA about Compact Fluorescents lamps:
“You’ve heard the rumors. Now get the facts."

EPA evaluates benefits and risks of CFLs

Types of Lamps available

Disposal instructions