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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Resources

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Special Beginnings Program

From the moment you become pregnant, taking good care of your baby’s health means taking good care of your own health. To help you better understand and manage your pregnancy, Living Well partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) to offer the Special Beginnings program at no cost to you in conjunction with your UT SELECT Medical plan. Once you enroll, specially trained obstetrical nurses will connect you with pregnancy-related information and educational materials dealing with topics like:

  • Prenatal and postpartum nutrition,
  • Healthy life choices,
  • Fetal development, and
  • Newborn care.

We want to support you in having a healthy baby. Enroll in Special Beginnings by calling (888) 421-7781 as soon as you learn you are pregnant. And enjoy the benefits of this valuable resource.

For information about additional support available after your baby is born please visit our “Parenting & Family Support” page. 

Breastfeeding Support, Services, and Supplies Available through UT SELECT Medical

Benefits are available for breastfeeding counseling and support services obtained from a covered health provider during pregnancy and/or during the post-partum period. Benefits include the purchase of manual or electric breast pumps, accessories and supplies, and the rental of hospital grade pumps.

Please contact a BlueCross Benefits Value Advisor (BVA) at  (866) 882-2034  for assistance with any questions you have about this benefit.